Sunday, May 19, 2013

Keep Calm & Trust God

I used to be an emotional bundle of nerves. This happens when you feel condemned by those that are supposed to love you. I was a woman that internalized everything and then my mind and body paid for it. I finally realized, when I had cancer, that I needed to make changes in who I allowed around me, if possible. I had the tendency to chose the same type of people over and over again, those who would abuse me emotionally.

It didn't happen over night, but slowly over the past few years, I've gotten wiser about who I allow to be in my inner-circle. I've also learned to have boundaries with those people in my life that I can't just "cut-out" of my life (most of these people are family members).  I think family members are the hardest, both in dealing with, and enforcing boundaries to. When you start making changes in your life, expect resistance. People don't like when you start changing, especially for the better. It will make them angry and they will try and trip you up. Just keep on going forward with God's help!

God has helped me so much in this area. Through His Word, I'm getting stronger Spiritually, which in turn makes me stronger emotionally. Where I would be devastated, playing over and over in my mind the words said, now I'm able to let it go within a day. Believe me, this is huge. I could replay things said to me twenty years ago over and over for days before, and enjoy wallowing in it. However, all this does is destroy our self esteem and give the enemy a foothold in our mind!

This year, I asked God to help me with a stronghold that was causing me distress. This stronghold was that if someone really hurt me, I would just eliminate them from my life. Period. I needed to learn to love people, maybe at arms length, but to love them as God loves them. He has worked miracles in my life on this! I have learned to be more discerning when it comes to choosing friends but then I've also learned to continue to love those that hurt me. I love them as God loves them but then I establish boundaries. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of boundaries!! Especially, if you're like a person like me - a "people pleaser".

The biggest issue where God has worked is keeping me calm. I am able to let this stuff go and remain calm knowing that God is in control and is working things out in His perfect way. He sees us when we get hurt and we can rest assured that He cares deeply when we hurt. It all really does work out perfectly if we will just rest in Him and allow Him to work everything together in our life. I've learned to keep focusing on my goals, not get side-tracked because I know that I'm not in control of the stuff I can't control anyway! I can only control me and how I react to things.

Keep Calm and Trust God - Keep On Keeping On!

God bless you - Julie

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