Sunday, June 30, 2013

Grieving Community

Tonight our community is in grief. 19 Firefighters from the Granite Mountain Hot Shots were killed. We are so sad and in disbelief. Grief stricken. 

I had so many texts and tweets tonight asking me if my son was okay. Thankfully, yes. Our hearts are broken, though, for those who did lose a loved one. The firefighting community is like a family and we really do feel that way. I feel so sad tonight. My husband and I have shed so many tears of sorrow for those fallen. 

We were watching the coverage on the news, but the tears came and so much grief was felt, we finally had to turn it off. It's too much..too much loss. 

Please keep these firefighters family and friends in your prayers. Please pray for the other firefighters that must continue on. Their hearts are just as broken, and yet, they must go forward in their grief. Please pray for our community that has suffered such a devastating loss. 



  1. Oh Julie! Yes, I prayed immediately. How sad. How immensely sad.

  2. I was very grieved to hear the news this morning. Glad your son is OK. Praying..


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