Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Counting Our Blessings - Link Up!

I hope you had a blessed week full of blessings! My week definitely has been full of blessings and I can't wait to share them with you!

126. We had some wonderful rainy days this past week. It cooled it down enough that we were able to open our windows and doors to let the fresh air in. There's something so refreshing in the heat of summer to have days like this. Truly a blessing!

127.  I am so thrilled with my cross stitch project I just finished and I've had some great time this week of stitching. I also pulled our the Christmas stocking I'm making for my oldest son and worked on that. It's a blessing to have the time to work on things we enjoy!

128. I am so excited that I won two giveaways this week! My friend, Vickie, had a cross stitch pattern that she was giving away and I won! On the same day, my friend, Patsy, wrote me to tell me I was the winner of her weekly ATC giveaway! Wow! Double blessings!! Thank you both!

129. I was blessed by seeing my best friend on Monday. She came up to our town for the day and we were able to meet up. I always love seeing her and she just blesses my heart so much! I wish she still lived in our town, but I'm so thankful that she doesn't live so far away that we can't see each other at all. Here's an old picture of us together.

130. I ran to the grocery store after meeting my friend to pick up a few things. As I was leaving, I saw their cart where they put the flowers that are on clearance. I had to look. I was with my son and he said, "Mom, there's an actual plant on the bottom here if you want to see that." He pulled it up and it was an orchid! Now, I've always wanted an orchid, but didn't want to spend the $30 plus to buy one. This one on clearance was $6! Now I could afford that! Here's a picture of it

Isn't it gorgeous? I am reading up on how to care for it and, hopefully, I'll have it around for a long, long time! What a blessing!

What are you blessings this week? Link up with me on this post with your own! You can grab a button from the sidebar, if you're so inclined. :)

Blessings - Julie


  1. You know what Julie? You are a blessing. I am so glad you are happy to be receiving that Traveling Pattern. I am having a rough time. I think the ablation actually increased my pain. I am sorry. I should be positive here. I thank God for so many lovely friends I have made that are willing to pray for me. God bless you.♥

  2. Wow, Julie, it truly is gloriously beautiful.
    Luv XX


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