Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Special Surprise!

I won a cross-stitch pattern from my dear friend, Vickie, a couple of weeks back and I received it in the mail last week. Here's a picture of the pattern

Isn't it lovely? As soon as I'm done with my current project, I will work on this one. I will also be having a giveaway for this pattern (it's a traveling pattern, of sorts) when I am finished with it. 

Vickie being so sweet, tucked in some extra special goodies in the package. Not only that, the envelope itself was extra special! Remember this?

Isn't that just adorable? Vickie drew this on the outside of the envelope! Isn't she talented? She and I have a great love for poodles so I was so excited when I saw that envelope - knowing it was from her! I will be keeping this special drawing - yes, I will!

Here's what else was in the package

Isn't that so sweet? I love the pink! Here's some close-ups of what she sent...

Look at that adorable pink package with the pink poodle! The little bag is filled with gorgeous sequins!

I had to take a picture of that cute, little, pink poodle!

 Here's what was inside the little package...

Aren't these gorgeous? They are counting pins for my stitching. Vickie makes these and I love them! I will treasure them forever! She is so talented! 

My card she sent was so precious and I was so touched by her sweet words inside. Isn't it wonderful how we can make friends across the country or across the world that we wouldn't know if not for our blogs? I found Vickie because she cross stitches and then when I read her blog, she had poodles everywhere! I knew this was my kind of friend! Not only that, but she loves the Lord and, unfortunately, she lives with daily pain - just like me. It has been a privilege to pray for her and a comfort for me knowing she is also praying for me. God is so good to bring us together!

Thank you, so much, Vickie! I'm am so incredibly blessed by your sweet gift and your precious friendship! 

God bless you - Julie

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  1. Awww, Julie. Thank you so very much. I am so glad you are happy with your gift. And yes, God is so good for bringing us together.♥


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