Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Counting Our Blessings - Link Up

Blessings! How was your week? I hope it was filled with blessings beyond measure! 

Here's my blessings from God this week:

161. I'm so thankful for the cooler days we had this week. It was so nice to not have the air-conditioning on and to open the windows to let the fresh air in. After the summer, or winter months, when windows are shut tight, I'm always blessed to open the windows and air my home out. It just feels so good and blesses me!

162. My garden really enjoyed the cooler days and the refreshing rains. It just popped to life in a few days! It had been doing very well, although my Roma Tomato plant just didn't have any blooms on it. After the mud subsided enough for me to go out there and check, I was amazed at the growth spurts! Plus my Roma Tomato plant is now loaded with flowers! Here's some pics...

 My garden box is small, but it is blessing our family so much with it's bounty!!

163. Speaking of bounty, this isn't exactly a huge bounty - in fact it's only one radish, but we were so excited to find it ready to pick! Here it is in all it's glory! :)

We cut it into four pieces and shared it! lol It was really sweet and yummy! 

164. I was able to go out to my studio two days this week. My knees have been pretty painful but I had two days where I was able to go out, with my hubby's help. I decided that it's time to work on Christmas things and here's one of my projects I'm working on.

It's a ceramic container. Aren't those snowmen adorable? This is just the lid of the dish (I forgot to take a picture of the bottom, which I already finished, silly me!) but I just love those cute faces on those snowmen. It's such a blessing to have a hubby that helps me and supports me in my creative endeavors!

165. As promised, here's a couple pictures of Holly. I gave her a haircut last week and I am very happy with the results. She's not very cooperative when it comes to taking her picture, but she was taking her morning nap in bed and so it was easier to take her picture. She looks a little dazed but it's because she got woken up! lol

I just love this little girl - she has blessed my life so much!

Now it's your turn! Share your own blessings by linking up below.

Blessings - Julie


  1. Awww Holly! So very sweet. She looks great. Our dogs sure bless us don't they?!

  2. Thank you for allowing me to share my post with your readers! My family is my biggest blessing (after salvation!) and I'm so thankful that God has given me the opportunity to spend so much time with my children by homeschooling them!

  3. I love the pictures of Holly! I love dogs and she is adorable!

    I found your blog trough the "Wise Woman Builds Her Home" blog link up. I am happy to have found you and I would love to follow and enjoy reading your posts!

    Thank you for hosting the link up. I got a bit excited about finding it...and I linked more than one post. I do apologize if I've linked too much.

    Maria @

  4. Nice post. It is amazing how much our pets can mean to us. It has always made me realize how God created all things for our enjoyment. Thanks for hosting the link up. I also visited from A Wise Woman :)

  5. I always like reading your list of blessings each week. I am having a good week!! The weather is gorgeous!!

    Thanks so much for the linkup today!!


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