Monday, October 28, 2013

Counting Our Blessings - Link Up!

I'm so sorry I didn't do the link up last week. I was not feeling well at all and just couldn't seem to muster up the energy to even do my post. Thankfully, I'm feeling much better and that is my first blessing! It's so good to be back counting my blessings. 

185. I had a busy week last week and I didn't feel that great, so it was a rather hard week, too. However, I got some stuff out of the way that needed to be dealt with and I'm looking forward to this week. I don't have to go anywhere! Yippee! That's a total blessing as I'm a real home-body and would be happy just to be home all the time. 

186.  My hubby came home last week with this to cheer me up because I haven't been feeling well. Isn't it adorable?

You know how much I love "My Little Pony" and this is Applejack. It definitely cheered me up and I feel so blessed to have a husband that cares so much for me that he goes out of his way to find me something I like. 

187.  We had our poodle and our cocker spaniel groomed last week. They were definitely ready for it and they look so adorable! Here's Cookie

Doesn't she look adorable? I just love that little face. Here's Sammy 

We had him clipped really short and so we have to keep him covered up at night or he just shivers. Isn't that adorable? I just love that guy and am so blessed to have such sweet puppies!

188.  I received a special package the other day for my design business. Oh, happy day!!!

This is the DecoArt Multi Surface paint. I already have two different designs planned for this amazing paint and can't wait to use it! Isn't that just a pretty sight...all those beautiful colors! Blessing!

189.  Friday, my hubby went with me to the foot doctor. He actually changed his own doctor appointment so he could go with me. Am I blessed or what?! After my doctor appointment on (I have plantar fascitis), we went to Walgreens to get me this

I'm usually not one of those TV merchandise people, but when I saw this, I knew this would be great for my NOOK and it is! I'm able to prop it up and read or have it in bed, propped up, and I don't have to try and hold it up anymore. If you have a tablet, I totally recommend it. It's been so great and works exactly like they said it would. 

190.  I was able to work in my studio on Saturday and Monday and finished off a couple of things including this tree.

I got this about 2 years ago at Hobby Lobby when they were having their 90% off sale after Christmas. Here's how I painted the base

I have the lights to put in the holes, but guess what? The holes are too small. However, my son said it's no problem for him to drill them out bigger to get them in. I'm so blessed to have a son who knows how to do all this stuff! 

I also worked on that project that I'm designing. Remember it looked like this

Now it looks like this

I can't tell you how exciting it is to be designing again. It's who I am and I feel like I'm back...does that make sense? I'm so happy and I feel so incredibly blessed!!

Please share your own blessings! You can grab a button from the "grab my button" page at the top of the page. I just love seeing your blessings and I can't wait to come by and visit your blogs!

Blessings - Julie


  1. Hooray! I am so happy this is a better week for you Julie. You are doing lovely work in your craft studio. Good for you!! I am blessed to have the correct dose of my medication now! Hallelujah!

  2. Speaking of blessings, YOU are a blessing to all who stop by your blog, Julie! It is so beautiful and today I loved seeing your design and how it has evolved from last week. You are truly a talented artist. Blessings to you always!

  3. Hello I am coming over from what we love Wednesday .
    I 'm following you on google+ and following your blog. Have a great day.


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