Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Update On My Mom's Surgery

Hi, this Julie's son, Shane. Many of you may know know that my mom began her knee replacement surgery today. A complication was encountered about 2 hours into surgery from the artery in her right knee being cut. With this, she was flown to AZ Heart Hospital in Phoenix. She is stable and currently in surgery to fix the artery. This surgery could take up 3 hours or more and is crucial to restore blood flow to her right leg. My family and I ask that you pray for her and that God be with my mom and the Doctors and Nurses who are with her.  I know that she is so thankful to have you as friends and I thank you for your prayers. God Bless.


  1. Prayers are going up for your mom and the people caring for her.

  2. Thank you Shane for keeping us updated. Oh my goodness! I am praying. You all take care over there.

  3. Praying for Julie and the doctors. Please keep us updated.


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