Thursday, February 20, 2014

An Update


It's been a challenging week. I've been having some good moments and some not so good moments. My biggest issue is my swollen legs. They are so swollen, they are uncomfortable. My other issue is that the incision where the bypass was done, is leaking fluids because my legs are so swollen. I'm sorry if this is too much information, but this is my reality.

I see the orthopedic surgeon in the morning and I think he will be removing the staples from my knee incision. I'm not sure what will happen with the bypass incisions, but I'm leery of having him do much of anything with them. I'm trying to get into my husband's cardiologist so he can monitor this bypass, but again, this is all something I was never prepared for so I'm at a loss as to what to do. The surgeon who did the bypass, released me, so going back to him is not an option, either.

I have been so blessed by the caring of my family, friends, and church family. We have been provided with beautiful and delicious meals, I've received cards, phone calls, text messages, and just loved on. It truly has given me the strength to keep going on. This has been an emotional roller-coaster for me and I have times of just pure exhaustion. I thank God, though, for providing so many loving hands, words, and hugs to see me through all this.

Blessings - Julie


  1. Getting whole and healthy, step by step,bit by does not come definitely didn't come easy for those that won the gold in the Olympics..lots of pain and lots of hard work...Everything you are facing Julie is the process of getting you whole and healthy...satan would LOVE to have you think otherwise...don't listen to him....

  2. I am praying for you Julie. I am so glad to know you have love, support and help.

  3. Any one in your situation would be feeling the exact same way. I do know from my mother having her knees done that swollen legs is normal. She was very swollen and uncomfortable too. Praying for you Julie, I'm so happy that God has put good people in your path to help!

  4. Asking God to bring healing, total. I love you.


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