Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Holly's Ordeal

One must trust God or go crazy. Seriously. On Saturday, we noticed that Holly had a huge cyst looking thing on her tummy and it was open and horrible looking. I was frantic. I called the Vet and the soonest they could see her was Monday morning at 8:00 AM. I had a really bad feeling about the whole thing, despite dear friends trying to encourage me that it was probably just an abscess. I was, unfortunately, right. She had breast cancer. They did an x-ray to see if the cancer had spread to her lungs or vital organs, and thankfully, they couldn't see where it had.

The Vet was optimistic about doing surgery as she felt she could get all the cancer. My hubby brought her home so we could talk and pray about what to do as the Vet wouldn't be able to do the surgery until next week anyway. We knew that we would have to have God provide financially for this surgery and we also knew that we had to give Holly this chance! She's only 8 years old and could live another 4-7 years and I love her so much, so how could we not have the surgery?

I called the Vet and told her we decided to do it and, miraculously, someone had cancelled their appointment for surgery for today (she only does surgery on Tuesdays) and so Holly was able to be scheduled for for 8:00 am today!

She is home now - my Vet believes in getting them home the same day because they just feel better and do better. She is still really sedated and sleeping right here in my lap as I type this. Oh, I'm thanking my God for sparing her little life and for the fact that the surgery was successful. They will be sending the tumors in for a biopsy so we don't know yet how aggressive this cancer is, but I'm praying that it is not aggressive. I'm praying that the Lord will allow me to have her for many more years!

Here she is sitting with me as I study my Bible I find it so amazing that no matter where she is on the blanket, she always wants her head on the Bible. That's how I want to be...I want my heart and head in the Bible. I want it saturating my heart so that when these things come up, I have something to grab on to. I have to be honest...I fell apart when I realized that she had cancer. We don't have extra money, but again, I am trusting God to provide for all this and I know that He will.

Please pray that this cancer is not aggressive, that Holly will recover well, and that she will be back to her fun little self soon. I am so thankful to God for His goodness and His provision and His love for His creatures - great and small.

Blessings - Julie


  1. Oh dear! I am praying for that little sweetheart.♥

  2. Poor little Holly. Asking God to bring total healing to her. Love you my friend.

  3. God has a plan, and you and I both trust in Him :) You've been through so much lately. I'm praying!


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