Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Book Review - "First Blush" a Novella


Elizabeth Bakersfield may live in the gorgeous town of Naples, Florida, but she is not the thirty-year-old she envisioned. Her husband left with a Miami Dolphins cheerleader. Her job prospects are nil. The rent is due. Her best friend is living a thousand miles away, building a career in NYC. And her closest companion is the cockatiel Johnny Carson.

The job front starts looking up when she's offered the position of caretaker of Ganderley's - a library, kind of. Elizabeth's job is to loan out the priceless antiques and cars amassed by the widowed Ganderley sisters. Easy, right? Sign things out, get them back in two weeks. And, if she runs into trouble, there's the gorgeous Ganderley nephew with the British accent, Nicholas Harrington, waiting in the wings with help.

But Elizabeth is about to learn first-hand that possessions - and gorgeous Brits - bring their own kind of drama. If she doesn't figure out how to sidestep it, her job (not to mention the start of a new life) might be over before it ever really began.


An award-winning novelist and President of the first public relations firm dedicated to representing entertainment created from a Christian worldview, Rebeca has worked with various national media outlets, including The Today Show, USA Today, National Public Radio, Southern Living, Good Housekeeping, Real Simple, and Good Morning America. She is recognized for her groundbreaking research into the behaviors of Christian consumers as well as development of public relations standards specific to creators of values-driven, entertainment-oriented products. She also co-chairs the non-profit SON: Spirit Of Naples, which equips and encourages Christians creating mainstream, commercially-viable media content. Learn more at glassroadmm.com and spiritofnaples.com.


 This is one of the funnest reads I've had in a long time. From page one, I just fell in love with the character of Elizabeth Bakersfield. She reminded me of me in that, even as an adult of being over thirty, she was still feeling compelled to please her mother and her expectations of what is right in "polite society" (as my own mother would say).

Elizabeth is a divorced woman, still trying to find a job her mother approves of socially when she is given the opportunity to run Ganderley's. This is a place where the well-to-do can borrow things of quality for their homes so, of course, this meets Elizabeth's mother's standards.

Enter Nick - an intriguing British man who helps the Ganderley's get back the pieces that are not returned. Okay, the author had me a British...you know how much I just love anything British, including Nick! Elizabeth seems to feel the same way.

Since this is a novella, it was a quick read (93 pages in my ebook copy) and that was my only complaint! It was much too short and it left me wanting to know more about these wonderful characters!

It had everything I love about a story - intrigue, romance, and humor! What could be better?

I give this book a 5 out of 5 star rating!

 *This book was provided to me by Glass Road Media & Management

Blessings - Julie

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