Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Healing and Sweet Surprises

Hello, friends! I am doing better and so thankful for the prayers and kindness you have shown me! The antibiotic shots and the two antibiotic pills seem to have taken care of the infection. I still have the open wounds but they are looking better. The surgeon finally did the Aquacel in the wounds, which has helped a lot. This product has real silver in it, which evidently is a natural healer. Who knew? He wrote me a prescription for me to get it but my insurance won't pay for it and it's over $30.00 per sheet. The bandages are $25.00 per box and, frankly, I just can't afford it. I also think he should be the one doing it and changing it so he can monitor it. It seems like I am constantly begging him for care! Now, he wants to put me under again so he can put a "wound vac" on the wounds. Pffft. I don't think so. That would mean I was under anesthesia four times in two months! Not only that, the wounds aren't that bad! The Aquacel seems to be working and I'm going to insist that we stick with that unless something changes for the worse (oh, let's hope not!). I did start occupational therapy today and they are wrapping the leg to try and take down the swelling. The therapist was very careful about the bypass and I do like the way it feels. It also seems to have helped with my physical therapy, which I had afterward. It's another step of progress. 

The other day, my hubby took me to the dollar store as I wanted to do a centerpiece for my kitchen table in the bowl I got flowers in while in the hospital. I found some adorable things and only for a dollar! This store we go to is a true dollar store - everything is a dollar. Here's what I put together and I just love it!

And here's a close up

I just love that little bunny inside the egg. His little face is so adorable! I have enough grass and eggs left over to do some other projects so it was such a great deal!
My son surprised me with this gorgeous gift when I got home from therapy the other day.

I have been wanting this book for so long! It's a beautiful old book, which you all know I love! 

As you can see, it was published in 1937. Whoever owned it before, took wonderful care if it!

Here are some of the beautiful pictures inside...

Aren't they gorgeous? I would love to draw like this.  It just blesses my heart that I have a son that thinks about things I love and then surprises me with a gift like this. Speaking of gifts, I received a huge bag of gifts from my BFF last week. I didn't take any pictures of everything yet, but I have to tell you, she was just so sweet in that the gifts were so me. She gave me some Bath and Body Works cream, body spray and room fragrance in my favorite scent, "Twisted Peppermint". She also gave me a book, a sweet pillow about friendship and the funniest, cutest card I've ever seen! When I thanked her, she said she wanted to pamper me. *sniff* I had tears of joy at that comment. I am so blessed to have such a sweet and loving friend!

I pray that you're week is blessed and full of sweet surprises, too!

Blessings - Julie 


  1. Praying your healing continues. I love that center piece, and the birds in that book are beautiful. Glad your friend spoiled you, you deserve it. I love you.

  2. Still praying Julie! I am glad you have your sweet pups to love and cuddle with. That is one fantastic gift from you son.


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