Friday, May 16, 2014

Asking for Prayer

Dear Friends:

I have another infection in my leg. I went to my pain management doctor yesterday and she said, "You look horrible"! I've known her forever, so she can speak to me this way without me taking offense and I'm so glad she did. I told her I was really weak and that I was really cold. She said, "It's really hot in here - and you look flushed". She quickly took my temperature which was 99.8. This really concerned her because I take Vicodin for my pain and it has Tylenol in it which can mask how high my fever really is. She instructed me to get to my Primary Care Doctor immediately. Thankfully, I was able to get in and by the time I got there, my temperature was nearly 102. They gave me a shot of antibiotics and some antibiotic pills. She looked at my leg where there's a puffy place and she said, "I think there's an infection under there." It's next to that horrid wound I have that is where they did the bypass. I was so sick most of the night - my son put a cool wash cloth on my head and the other son put the fan on me. My sweet husband was up most of the night sitting by the bed holding my hand. When I finally went to sleep, he would check on me during the night. He finally got to sleep at 4 am and then got up at 7 am. Poor guy. Everyone was checking my temperature with the idea that if it went up, we were going to the emergency room. Thankfully, by morning it was down to normal but my leg is bright red and I'm so exhausted.

Please pray that the Lord would heal this infection quickly and that my leg would be fine. Please pray for wisdom for the doctors and that these wounds would heal. Thank you so much....I am SO very grateful for you all!

Blessings - Julie


  1. Asking God to lay healing hands upon your leg, bring quick healing to the infection. I love you.

  2. Yes, praying for healing... that the medication would take effect and remove the infection. Praying you're not diabetic because it could worsen the situation.

  3. I am still praying Julie.♥


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