Thursday, May 8, 2014

Book Review - Surprised by Grace


Renowned writer Elizabeth "Tib" Sherrill shares her own faith journey in Surprised by GraceEmbrace this page-turner and see God's work in your life every day! 

Discover how God's love transformed Elizabeth's life from one of great struggle to one with a clear direction and find inspiration, hope, and strength for your own journey. 

See how Tib finds hope, strength, and meaning in almost everything, from her unhappy childhood to John's surprising marriage proposal; from her lifelong eccentric friend Mia to her dear father-in-law who was able to see her for the complex person she was even though he was blind. Enjoy touching stories about Tib's family and close relationships, and travel with her to fascinating places across the United States and Europe. Find out how she overcame her poor self-image after a stunning encounter with her Creator. 

"My hope," Elizabeth shares, "is that Surprised by Grace helps you discover how much God loves you individually and infinitely. You are His amazing creation, and it's time to live in that truth."

Elizabeth Sherrill's superb storytelling will make you experience every scene. You'll laugh and cry many times over. You'll be reminded that God intends hope and freedom for you. You'll also find wonderful insight and encouragement in the inspirational "Conversation Starters," particularly useful for women's Bible studies, book clubs, or home groups.


Elizabeth Sherrill is the author behind the classic best sellers The Hiding Place about Corrie ten Boom, The Cross and the Switchblade about David Wilkerson, and God's Smuggler about Brother Andrew. She also is a longtime contributor to America's best-loved inspirational magazine Guideposts, and best-selling devotional, Daily Guideposts

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This book was very powerful in that Elizabeth Sherrill invites us to realize that our destination is heaven and that we can catch glimpses of it in our every day life. I also thought her honest, open dialogue about how she came to Christ was really wonderful. It wasn't a lightening bolt moment, but came about as she came to know the Lord and who He really is.

This is also a memoir about her young life and how her parents affected how she looked at herself. She reveals how much she needed alone time and that after her children were born, she really spiraled downhill into a depression which put her into years of counseling. I loved that she was so honest about this. She loved her children but was overwhelmed by her lack of quiet time. As a writer myself, I could really relate to this and applauded her honesty.

She and her husband have lived such interesting lives - interviewing many famous people like Martin Luther King Jr. and Elizabeth helped Corrie ten Boom tell her story in "The Hiding Place". All of these amazing people helped her to see that God was who He says he is and made such an impact on her. 

I also loved all the quotations - being a lover of wonderful quotes myself - and enjoyed how she shared so many profound thoughts. It's really a wonderful book all the way around and I know you'll enjoy it. She does skip around a bit - especially between decades - so I found that a bit difficult in the reading. I'm giving this book a 4 out of 5 stars.

*This book was provided to me for my honest review by LitFuse Publicity Group

Blessings - Julie

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