Monday, May 12, 2014

Counting Our Blessings - Link Up!

The weeks seem to speed many appointments and so many naps! lol I have gotten to the point where I just nap when I need to. I was fighting it but realized how stupid it is to not listen to my body. I've had several days where I've slept anywhere from 3 - 5 hours! It's okay because it's helping me to heal.

So, lets get started on my blessings...

35.  As you know, I lost my beloved Holly last week. It was such a devastating situation with her cancer being so aggressive, but I am so very thankful for the years I had with her (a total of 4) and for her companionship and love that she showed me. Her excitement at seeing me after I came home from the hospital is something that I will never forget. She was such a blessing in my life and I am so thankful that my friend gave her to me. She will always be a blessing in my heart.

36.  I've been crocheting on my shawl. It's been a real blessing having it as I have my wounds tended to. The appointments to change my wound vac take approximately 2 hours and so I have been taking my crochet with me as something to not only work on, but focus on, as it can be painful as they work on my one wound. Here's the progress I've made so far.

I have it doubled over in this picture, so you can see I've made some real progress on it.

37.  Last week after my appointment, I asked my son to take me to a local thrift store. I have been looking for some larger knitting needles and I'm always on the look out for craft items that I can use. I found these knitting needles and they were 99 cents a pair

I also found some cross stitch fabric for 99 cents - 18 count Aida which is a nice stitch size for lots of different projects.

Then my son found these two quilting patterns for me and we both thought they were very neat and will be fun to make for Christmas.

I also found this really neat cross stitch book from the book, "The Edwardian Lady" books. I have always loved her books and have one that my husband got me back in 1980. The patterns in this little book are just lovely!

Now for the most amazing find of all! I have been looking for this book since 1988 - no kidding. I had a craft shop at the time and tried in vain to get the book but it was out of print. I had seen the finished cross stitched pieces because my friend at the time had done several of them. I just couldn't believe it when I saw this book (for 25 cents, no less!) and I can't wait to start stitching from it!

I had such a wonderful time getting out but will be honest and tell you that I paid for that little outing by being just absolutely ready to drop and being exhausted for days afterwards. It was a real blessing to do something different, though, and to find my cheap little finds!

38.  This may not sound like a blessing, but to me it was. I was able to clean my living room - all by myself - last week. I dusted, put the Easter things away, and then vacuumed. It's hard on me to vacuum because of my back, but I've found if I do a little at a time, I'm okay. It was so satisfying and such a blessing to work on my home. It made me feel so good and it also blessed my family. Now, I'm trying to get the energy up to work on my family room! lol

39.  I can't even express how blessed I am by the care I've been getting at the Wound Care Center. What a huge difference to have caring and professional men and women caring for my wounds. Just in one week, my wounds have gotten smaller. They put a wound vac on me, which has been a huge blessing as it's given my body the help it needs to heal. It is an easy process - just time consuming - and I carry my little vac machine with me everywhere. lol The great thing for me is that I can shower with it and I don't have to cover my leg any more. I am so thankful that my regular doctor got me into the wound care center! The other blessing is that there are at least two people there that go to my church! It's quite a blessing to be cared for by church family!

Now it's your turn...share your blessings on the linkup below!

Blessings - Julie


  1. Julie, I am blessed to read this and know things are getting better for you.♥


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