Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Book Review - New Spirit-Filled Life Bible


Find the Holy Spirit throughout the Bible. Jack Hayford, founding pastor of The Church on the Way, has led a team of anointed scholars to produce the New Spirit-Filled Life Bible. This outstanding resource offers a fresh look at the Scriptures and the work of the Holy Spirit. This Bible addresses important issues of Spirit-filled living in the context of solid biblical scholarship.
Features include:
  • Kingdom Dynamics—41 themes throughout the Bible that give us values as we advance the gospel throughout the world
  • Word Wealth—More than 550 key terms defined and brought to life, pulling the language from the original Greek and Hebrew into everyday English
  • Truth-In-Action—Charts with practical application from every book of the Bible
  • Detailed book introductions
  • Verse-by-verse study notes

I really enjoyed this Bible and all it offered. The Bible was edited by Jack Hayford, of "The Church on the Way" and there is a lot of great study material included in this Bible. 

The thing I really liked the most are the boxes throughout called "Word Wealth". These were definitions of important words that are included in the text that I was reading and I loved this because it gave me a much deeper understanding of what the Bible was referring to as I read the Scripture. I think it's so important to understand what certain words meant in the Hebrew or Greek to give us a deeper understanding of God's Word.

Another great thing in this Bible are the "Truth in Action" pages after each book of the Bible. It explained the teachings of the book, how to apply what we learned to our life, and got even deeper into what the book taught. This really helped me to understand and apply God's Word to my life, which is what reading the Bible is really all about, in my opinion.

There are study notes at the bottom of each page to explain passages of Scripture and it is written in an easy to understand way. If you're having a hard time understanding a certain passage of Scripture, this is really a wonderful way to guide you and help you to understand.

The words spoken by Jesus are in red text, which I find extremely helpful and not all Bibles do that. It's nice to know exactly what our Lord Jesus spoke as apposed to trying to figure out if it was spoken by him.

There is a wonderful Concordance in the back as well as a few pages dedicated on how to lead others to Christ. This was a wonderful addition to this Bible! Add in the "Notes" pages in the back, and it really has everything you could ever want in a Bible. I really enjoyed getting into this Bible and feeling like I was delving really deep into the Word of God with more understanding.

I highly recommend this Bible and give it 5 out of 5 stars.

*This book was provided to me for my honest review by BookLook Bloggers Program


Blessings - Julie

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