Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I Have My Own Circus, I Don't Need Someone Else's!

What a week - and it's only Wednesday! lol I've had a bit of a set back with my leg. It got quite swollen again and my wound care doctor was concerned enough to have me go and get another ultrasound. Unfortunately, the tech I had doing it, was totally confused by my wound vac and could never find my bypass even though I showed her exactly where it ran in my leg. She kept complaining about the tape on my leg, as well. I just had a ultrasound done with another tech in the same hospital and she was able to see everything just fine. I really feel like I totally wasted my time and energy going this time and I have a feeling that this ultrasound isn't going to tell my doctor anything. It really does matter who you get to do your testing!

I put in a call to my surgeon and my infectious disease doctor yesterday to let them know what's going on. I haven't heard from them, yet, but I'm not surprised as I know how incredibly busy they are. I do know they will get back to me, though.

I had my first nurse visit today for my wound care. Three nurses descended on my house - my regular nurse, her supervisor, and a trainee. There was a lot of paperwork to fill out and then they finally got down to the wound care. I liked my nurse very much and I think it's going to help me so much not having to go out three days a week to my wound care center. I'm not allowed to drive yet, so if I go out, that means someone else has to take me. Plus, it was really exhausting going out. I'm so happy that I'll have this in home care for now as I think it will help me in my healing and make things easier for me and my family.

Speaking of family, my poor hubby has hurt his back. This happened while I was in the hospital. We thought he had gout, but then I realized when I got home that the pain wasn't in his joints, but down the back of his leg. Boy, did that sound familiar! I live with that kind of pain all the time. We got him to the doctor and, sure enough, he probably has a herniated disc. This has put him out of commission for the most part, so having my home health care is going to help him, too.

I decided that I'm probably not staying off my leg enough and have been having it elevated and I also sent out the prayer requests on my FB page. I'm seeing a wee bit of improvement today and I'm so thankful! I have a hard time just staying off my leg, but I'm seeing it's a must or I'm going to have a relapse and I really don't want to do surgery again.

One thing I've come to realize through all this is that the Lord is showing me I was right about a relationship in my life. I was uneasy about this woman - she always made me feel rather stupid and she is very prideful and self-righteous - but I tried to be her friend and be kind. However, during this botched surgery and all the crazy health issues I've had because of it, it was truly revealed to me that this is not a good relationship and it was based on what I could do for her. When it was evident I couldn't or wouldn't do this thing, she has really shown her true colors. I had been praying about this situation and God has truly opened my eyes. Despite this, I still feel a bit of hurt and it's hard for me to accept that someone would act this way. I'm in prayer that the Lord would just help me to let this go.

I saw this the other day and I just loved it. I tend to get caught up in other people's stuff and this is a great reminder that it's just not something I want to do anymore.

On that note, I shall bid you adieu and pray that God's blessings will be upon you this week!

Blessings - Julie


  1. Oh my! I am so sorry to hear of your husband's herniated disc too. Daily pain is no fun, as we both know.
    Let us hope and pray this nursing care will make a huge difference.

  2. Asking God to meet you where you truly need Him. I love you.

  3. Keeping you in my prayers daily. For some reason, the past week, Blogger hasn't let me see any posts, but just one at a time. This morning, it's working, but who knows when it will mess up again.

    Sometimes, there are certain people that are not good for us and they must be removed. I have had to deal with this and they were close family members. I don't like drama and when someone intentionally cause it, I stay very far away.
    Hope you have a blessed day!


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