Monday, September 1, 2014

Counting Our Blessings - Link Up!

Dear Friends...I do this Counting Our Blessings - Link Up for me more than anything. I'm always so excited and pleased to read your links but I need to focus on my blessings so much. Reading  yours is like a cherry on top! Thank you for participating in this link up and for sharing your lives with me and others. There are so many out there, like me, who are living with a painful situation and we really need to focus on the blessings that God provides, not only ours, but others. I'm so thankful each and every time I see a new link up!

61. I had a huge, huge blessing this week! I received this baby as a gift from someone that knew I needed a new little friend after losing Holly and going through all I've been through. Here she is - Miss Lily Lou!

She's a tiny, toy white poodle! She weighs a whopping one pound! I just love her so much and am so blessed by her!

62. For the first time, we got our digital TV box hooked up. We're rather behind the times, I guess. As I shared a while back, we turned off our satellite tv to save money and also because we found there was nothing on there we wanted to watch anyway. I've really been enjoying the MeTV channel and the other vintage TV station on there. So much, in fact, I really need to turn it off once in a while! I'm kind of hooked! It is a blessing to see all my old favorite shows, though, especially since I haven't been feeling too well this week.

63. My Dad had his cataract surgery and it went very well. He is even seeing better, which they didn't hold a lot of hope out for because he has Macular Degeneraion. I pray for him all the time that his eye sight will not get worse and it's such a blessing that having the cataract removed actually helped him.

64. My in home nurse found that I had an infection in my toe! I cracked the nail a few weeks back and didn't think a thing about it as in the past it would have been no big deal. However, since it happened on my compromised leg, it's definitely a big deal! She got it all fixed up (I won't go into the horrible details - yuck!) and then showed my son how to take care of it over this long Labor Day weekend. I'm so blessed to have a son that doesn't mind doing these things for me and I'm so thankful for an in-home nurse that really checks things out! We're wondering if this toe had something to do with the infection I had a couple weeks back? We're not sure, but in any case, I'm so glad to have it taken care of and it feels so much better!

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Blessings - Julie


  1. As I told you already, I am sooo jealous of Miss Lily Lou. Oh how I would get a third toy poodle in a moment! Good for you.♥
    Your husband and sons truly love you and are such big helps.
    Even though my pain has increased over this last week, I am thankful to God it is not worse.

  2. She is so adorable!!!! :D
    I pray for you daily and I'm glad you are feeling better and have such a wonderful family and friends,

  3. Your new baby is just adorable...I am sure she is going to bring you great comfort and lots of joy. I am so happy for you. I hope that you are doing are very often on my mind. I just do not get to visit blogs as often as I would like.

    Blessings to you my friend <3

  4. So happy to see you still running this meme! Miss Lily Lou is darling!


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