Monday, October 20, 2014

Counting Our Blessings - Link Up!

It's such a joy to count our blessings! It really helps my attitude when I stop to thank the Lord for all He has done. Little blessings or big blessings - they all make me joyful and thankful!

 79. I am so blessed that I get to read and review some of the latest books, CD's, DVD's, Bible studies and more. I have always loved doing this, but it has blessed me abundantly since I've been home-bound and can't go anywhere. It gives me a life-line to the outside world and allows me to read or watch the latest in Christian entertainment or studies. I am so blessed to be able to do this and I never, ever take it for granted!

80. I had a friend come by to visit me and she brought us lunch to share. We had soup, cheese crackers, Italian Soda and muffins. Delish! She also brought me these

 Aren't they beautiful? They also lasted a full two weeks! Plus, the little green flowers you see in the second picture are going to dry beautifully and I have them in a little white vase and will enjoy them forever. What a blessing it was to see my friend! We talked and talked and it helped me to feel so much better and loved...What is better than that? I am so thankful for my friend, Kim!

81. I am feeling a bit better over the past two days. I know it's because of all your prayers! You all bless me so much with your sweet comments, emails and prayers! Keep praying - it works - and it blesses me SO much! Thank you!

82.  A package was left on my porch and look what was inside

Isn't it adorable? It was made by my friend, Molly, I love her work because it's so cheerful and cute! It's done on a canvas and will be placed next to the other picture she gave me. I just love this and it so blessed me to have a surprise gift left for me to find!

83. I have been wanting one of these since they came out in Spring. I just didn't want to pay the price! I told my husband that I was sure if I waited, they would go on sale at the end of Summer. Sure enough! My son went to WalMart and they were on sale! Plus, this is a much larger one than the ones I had seen in Spring. I love it! It's perfect for my iced tea!! What a blessing to have one of these fun cups and for my son to remember that I wanted one!

84. We can't forget Miss Mitzi! She continues to grow - 3 whole pounds now! - and she is so smart! She blesses my life beyond measure and I am so thankful for this little ball of fluff!

Please share your own link to your blessings!! It's so easy and fun and it blesses me and my readers to read about how God has blessed you. You can grab my button from the page of buttons to share on your blog. As always - thank you - you bless me more than you can know!

Blessings - Julie


  1. I am still praying for you dear Julie. I am so glad things are improving. How old is Mitzi now? I forgot.

  2. Thanks for sharing your blessings and the lovely pictures! The flowers and canvas are so pretty!

  3. Hi Julie!! I finally am getting back into the routine of linking up. I was away, and then had to regroup, and then had my grandtwins here for a week (and extra things are impossible since they are 21 mo :-)) So, those are all my excuses!!

    I hope you are feeling better. I love that you share what is blessing you. I love your little dog. That may be the kind of dog I am thinking of.


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