Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Counting Our Blessings - Link Up

This is that time of the week when we reflect and focus on all the blessings that the Lord has given us. When we're going through a difficult time, this can be our life-line from getting too down. On those days that satan taunts us with all that is wrong in our life, God comes back and proves to us that He is there for us in all the blessings and good things that are right with our life. Let's get started!

88.  Although I'm still having really bad days - with pain and swelling - I do have days where I can do small things for my family that makes me feel good. I did just that last week when I made this wonderful cake! I can't tell you how moist and good it was! Here's a picture of it right out of the oven

I was so pleased that it came out of the bundt cake pan all in one piece! I know...I'm easily entertained. lol After it cooled for a bit, I added the wonderful cream cheese glaze. Here it is with all the luscious glaze on it

My family loved it and it blessed me to no end to be able to make it for them! If you'd like the recipe, you can go to my Pinterest board HERE and it will take you to the recipe when you click on the picture.

89.  I've been working on some embroidery projects for Christmas. Here's an angel that I drew on the fabric and am now embroidering. I just love doing these types of things and it's a blessing to feel good enough to do it! I'm hoping to make enough for my own tree and then enough for some gifts. Here's my angel so far

I have a lot more to do, but I'm enjoying it so much!!

90.  I had my knee shot on my left knee. I have never been nervous about getting these shots but this time, I was a bit of a nervous wreck. I guess because of all that has happened to me this year. My doctor is so kind, though, and I hadn't seen him since before all this stuff with my knee and leg. He told me how sorry he was that this happened and then when we were all done with the knee shot, he gave me a long, hard hug. He's young enough to be my son, so it was like getting a hug from one of my sons and it means so much to have a doctor that cares about me. What a blessing my doctor is!

91.  Remember I shared how happy I was that Cookie and Mitzi are getting along so well? They are becoming the best of friends!
Here they are sitting on my chair with me. I tried to get the flashy eyes out from Cookies eyes, but I just couldn't. Her eyes are light brown and it's hard to get a good picture with the flash. She's still adorable, though!

Here's a couple of pictures of them playing.

They play so gently together, even though it doesn't look like that in the second picture! I just so happy and blessed that they have each other! It's really great for both of them.

92. Mitzi continues to bless me every day! She's such a little love bug and is such a good dog. Of course, I always say that poodles are best because of their high intelligence and their affection. She is proving this out and I feel so very blessed to have her! Here's a picture I took yesterday and you can see how much she has grown! She's 3.6 pounds now! When I got her, she wasn't even two pounds! She's so adorable!

Now it's your turn! Share your own blessings with the link up.

Blessings - Julie 


  1. Thank you for hosting this link-up! I just want to tell you that I LOVE the look of your blog. It is so beautiful.

  2. Yay! I am praying for you dear Julie.
    The two poodles are adorable together. =)


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