Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Book Review - Authority in Prayer


Authority in Prayer will show you how to take hold of God's promises and pray with the authority He wants you to have. You can reign in life and be the overcomer God intends you to be, taking charge of your personal world and changing the world around you. Don't allow sin, Satan, or the circumstances of life to weigh you down.
  • Beginning with your private world—your thoughts, body, actions, and ultimately your God-ordained destiny--you can take charge. Authority is yours for the taking.
  • Then, because God established and so honors the principle of authority, He will back you as you walk in the government He has delegated to you for your extended world—your home, family, business, and possessions.
  • Finally, God's plan is for you to partner with Him on the earth in broader realms of influence and authority—your universal world. Jesus, the sovereign King over the earth, wants to rule institutions, cultures, societies, and governments through you and your prayers.
Are you ready to use your God-given authority to further His kingdom?


DUTCH SHEETS is an internationally known conference speaker, pastor and author. He has written many books, including Authority in Prayer and his bestseller Intercessory Prayer. Dutch travels extensively as a guest lecturer in various venues. He is fervent in empowering believers for passionate prayer and world-changing revival. Dutch is the senior pastor of Freedom Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He and his wife, Ceci, their two daughters and three dogs make their home at the base of the Rocky Mountains.


This book is a really good book on prayer. I've read a lot of books on prayer and this one has some really great points. I enjoyed the stories throughout the book on the intervention that God did in peoples lives. I always find that so inspiring to hear how God has worked in peoples lives. These stories really help to make the book easy to read and keeps you going as it holds your interest.

One area that really inspired me, and where I lack in my prayer life, is praying for those in government. He really makes valid point after point of how important this is. Of course, we always think of the Federal government, but he encourages us to remember the state and local government, too. Everything he talks about, though, he backs up with Scripture, which I feel is very important. If a book like this isn't Biblical, there's no point in reading it at all.

The author is charismatic, and I'm not, so this made the book perhaps more difficult for me to read than someone who is charismatic. However, it didn't deter from the excellent material of the book or lessen the Biblical truths of the book.

I think you'll enjoy this book on prayer and it will definitely help you in your prayer life. It certainly has me, and prayer is so important as Christians. I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.

*This book was provided to me by Bethany House Publishers

Blessings - Julie

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