Saturday, February 7, 2015

Miss Mitzi and the New Toy

Mitzi got a new toy and she just loves it! My son actually bought this toy for his pug but she didn't like it at all but Mitzi adores it. I bought it from my son (that way I didn't have to go and get one at the store) and he can find another toy for his dog that she'll like.

Here's a few pictures of Mitzi with her new pink dog

She loves all the squeakers in this toy. There's one in each leg and a big one in the tummy. She has such a good time with this toy even though the toy is bigger than she is!

She also has a quirky thing at bedtime. She has a little squeaky stuffed bone and a little pink bone made out of a soft plastic and she has to have these in her bed or she gets very restless. Every day she takes them out of her bed - all over the house - so at bedtime my hubby and I are looking all over for these two little toys so she can go to sleep. LOL I know! She's just a teeny bit spoiled but I love her so and I don't mind these little quirks. Miss Mitzi is such a joy!

Blessings - Julie


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