Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Counting Our Blessings - Link Up!

I know it's Wednesday, but I had a lot going on yesterday and didn't get a chance to do our link up. I hope you'll still join in, even though I'm a day late.

Things have been a little challenging for me again and it's so good for me to focus on my blessings - I'm sure you feel the same way. So let's get started!!

33.  I'm finally feeling a bit better in the stomach department. I'm praying that it stays this way, but we'll see. I'm just so thankful and blessed to have this reprieve from it!

34.  Miss Mitzi is such a joy! She is getting smarter each day and is such a love-bug!

She is such a blessing not only to me but my whole family. She's become such a good friend to Cookie, too, and Cookie really needed that. They play tug of war with the toys and sleep together. It's just precious!

35. My hubby got me a very special gift! I love planners, paper, pens, pencils - just office supplies in general! I have been wanting a really nice planner that would last me the rest of my life for a long time. I had been using an 5 1/2" x 8" notebook, but every time it dropped (which I do often, I'm afraid), it would pop open and everything would fall out. Not only that - it really has seen better days. I've been using it for years. So here's what I got in the mail the other day

Isn't it beautiful? Here's the inside...

They go to so much work to make the whole thing gorgeous! Don't you love the gold rings? I'm so thrilled to have something so nice! I will use it every day!

36.  I have been experimenting with my markers and drawing. I have a journal that I'm going to be using and I wanted to do something in the front of the book but also use it to practice with the markers. So here's the page I did

I've really enjoyed doing this kind of thing again. I've really come full circle in my life because this is the sort of art and things I used to do when I was young and I've always enjoyed it. It's a blessing to find what you really enjoy and do it!

37.  I'm also crocheting a lot. I am almost done with my purple shawl I've been working on and am now adding the border. I love to watch baseball and do my crocheting so I imagine I'll have a lot of projects finished up by the end of the season! lol Here's the closeup of my work

What are your blessings? Have something to share that would bless others? Please link up below and share!  Don't forget to grab by button for your page! Thanks!

Blessings - Julie

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  1. What a precious, adorable, little face she has!
    You are so talented with the crochet Julie. Wish I could figure it out! Pretty colors.


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