Friday, June 26, 2015

Book Review & Giveaway - Thriving in Babylon


Meet a man forced to live in fast changing and godless society. He faced fears about the future, concern for his safety, and the discouragement about a world that seemed to be falling apart at warp speed. Yet he also lived with great faith and hope---and he changed an entire empire while he was at it. In Thriving in Babylon, Larry Osborne explores the story of the biblical character of Daniel to help us live godly lives in an increasingly godless culture.   

How do we respond when our culture grows increasingly godless? In Thriving in Babylon, Larry Osborne explores the stories of Daniel, Jesus, and others in Scripture to help us distinguish between appropriate fear and unnecessary fear. He shows how our relationship with God gives us the foundation for deep security and hope, even in a world that seems to be going downhill.

It's enough to make you lose sleep: the economy, health concerns, global politics, and spiritual  disintegration. But God offers a security and power that surpasses any of the dangers and challenges  we'll an increasingly godless society. Thriving in Babylon will give you renewed hope that it's possible to live a godly, confident life even when the world seems to be falling apart. 


Dr. Larry Osborne has served as a senior pastor and teaching pastor at North Coast Church---one of the ten most influential churches in the country---since 1980. Dr. Osborne is the author of numerous books, including Accidental Pharisees. He and his wife live in Oceanside, California. They have three grown children.

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This is a very timely book as we see more and more our world becoming more like Babylon and more and more hostility toward the Christian beliefs and it's people.

The author shares about the book of Daniel and how he stayed faithful to God despite what was going on around him. His love for God is everything to him and he doesn't give in to all the debauchery that is going on around him. Even in the face of persecution, he is faithful.

This book is very easy to read and that's one of the best things about it. It doesn't read like a text book but like the author is sitting across from you sharing with you one-on-one. He also tells us that hope is the ultimate key to staying grounded and how we get that hope. 

He tells us what not to put our hope and faith in - politics and ministries that are on steroids. He doesn't say not to get involved in politics and try to make a difference in sharing our beliefs and the Gospel, but not to make it into our savior. Same with huge ministries that don't share the truth but promise things or rely on certain thinking. The Word of God is still what we need to put our hope and faith in.

He also tells us that submission to authority does not include sin. Daniel did not eat the non-kosher food, he did not worship the statue of Nebuchadnezzer, and he continued to pray in public even though it was deemed against the law. He did what God called him to do over what man said because his heart was with God and God came first.

This book will open your eyes to how we can live in this world and still hold fast to what we, as Christians belive. I enjoyed this book very much and would highly recommend it. I give it 5 out of 5 stars.

*This book was provided to me for my honest review by David C. Cook publishers and LitFuse Publicity Group

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  1. I agree that our culture is definitely going the way of "Babylon" (sadly). I am familiar with the author as I have some of his other books, It sounds like a great book and I would be very interested in reading it. Sheila S.

  2. This book sounds so interesting, hopefully my library has a copy I can read! Thank you so much for sharing!!

  3. Looks like it's the perfect book to read at this time! Here in the Philippines, we are also discussing about what your Supreme Court decided! Have a happy day! patsy

  4. Definitely sounds like a timely book! Thanks for the review! Thanks so much for sharing at the Homemaking Party. I wanted to let you know that I’ve started a weekend link up on my new blog, Big Family Frugal (.com) and would love to have you join me there, as well. It’s up now and the new one starts every Friday.

    Hope you’re having a great week!


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