Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Counting Our Blessings - Link Up!

Sometimes it's hard to focus on our blessings. Sometimes, things are so hard or we're in so much pain, that the blessings seem to be avoiding us. I've been in the hard place, attending the pity parties as the guest of honor. Believe me, no one wants to be the guest of honor at this kind of party. My pain has been worse, my isolation oppressive, but God. There are those two wonderful words we see throughout the Bible that give hope. Things can be horribly wrong and all can seem lost but God is there. His presence, His love and His comfort giving me hope and helping me to keep my eyes focused on my future and Him. With Him, I know I can get through another day of pain and I also can focus on my blessings. Oh, thank God for those blessings - and for Him!

56.  I have really been trying to make sure I keep my hands busy, even when just watching TV. I find that it helps me to feel productive and feel like I'm accomplishing things. To that end, I've been crocheting on my granny squares and have made great strides! Here's some pictures of my squares.

Here they are all laid out. I almost have enough to make the blanket I want to make.

(You can see that Cookie made herself right at home on top of the squares. Shortly after this, she scratched them all up into a pile and made a nest for herself! lol)

I'll be putting a border on the blanket, too, so that will add some size to it. I thank God every day that my grandmother gave me the blessing of learning to crochet all those years ago.

57.  My poodles just bring me so much joy! They were both groomed not too long ago and doesn't Cookie look just too cute?

I love the little bow that they put in her hair. Mitzi had one, too, but it didn't last even one hour in her hair! lol She's just too active.

58.  I've been teaching Mitzi how to do tricks. She can sit, give me "5", shake hands, and do her "pretties". This is when she sits up and moves her paws up and down. She gladly does this for her treats. I was able to get a picture of her doing her pretties. It's a little shaky, but so cute, I had to share this picture of my little blessing.

59.  I made Mitzi a little blanket all her own with the yarn I had left over from making my tassel for my planner. I can't tell you how soft this blanket it! I would love to have a huge one for myself, but the yarn is so expensive, it would cost a small fortune to make it. Mitzi loves her blanket and I think it's so cute!

Blessings - Julie


  1. you are so very talented. bless dear mitzi, so cute.

  2. Oh your squares are awesome. I am so sorry for your suffering Julie. Keep immersed in the Bible my friend. I am praying.
    The girls are adorable.


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