Tuesday, October 13, 2015

31 Days of Hope - October 11

I want to share with you a little face that just brightens my day. She has give me so much unconditional love! I truly believe that God gives us doggies to remind us of His unconditional love for us. (This is my own belief and I can't back it up from a Scripture from the Bible - it's just how I feel.)

Doesn't this crack you up? She will lie there in the morning sometimes, staring at me like this, if I don't get up soon enough to suit her. The minute she realizes we're going to get up, she's like a fire-cracker and just jumping all over the place! She's always ready to greet the day!

My HOPE is like that. It's always ready to greet the day and it's exciting to have HOPE. Without HOPE, we're not too excited about anything because fear takes over. With HOPE we can let go of those fears because HOPE is from God.

Little Mitzi has shown me so much! She has shown me what it is to live happy - to love unconditionally - to live with excitable HOPE. How could I not be happy when I have such a wonderful, sweet, little face like that staring back at me first thing in the morning?

Blessings - Julie


  1. totally understand. my fur baby coco is my precious one.

  2. I can relate also. Our poodles are so precious! ♥


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