Saturday, November 28, 2015

Book Review - The Story of Christmas in 40 Days


Do you know the story of the first Christmas, the entire story, not just what you have seen on Christmas specials or heard in Christmas hymns?
Take a few minutes each day for the next 40 days to read about the events leading up to this holiest of nights.  Meet the people who were there, Elizabeth, Zachariah, the Angel Gabriel, Mary and Joseph.  Travel across the Judean countryside to Nazareth and on to Bethlehem.  Witness the birth of Jesus as you never have before.
  • Spend 40 days strengthening your faith.
  • Spend 40 days drawing closer to God.
  • Spend 40 days getting to know your Savior Jesus Christ

As I was growing up, I dreamed of accomplishing two things with my life: write a book and change the world. You might think that the book was the easy part, but who can change the world?

While I was publishing my memoir of my mission trip to Kenya, “A Time for Every Purpose Under Heaven”, that I realized my dream of changing the world is not so foolish. Like every item on anyone’s bucket list, this too could someday be crossed off my list. I have come to realize that to change the world means to change one person’s world.

My daughter and I returned to Kenya in the spring of 2013 and while there met many more men, women and children who need positive change in their lives. My daughter began working on a nonprofit organization to help these people, to empower them and improve their way of life. Tumaini Volunteers, Inc., was born and remains a work in progress.

In addition to my writing and involvement with Tumaini Volunteers, I work fulltime in the medical field, mentor a Kinship kid, mentor my church’s college students, and sponsor a Compassion child.
I am not anyone special, but I now know that change is possible. The world can be a better place. We just need to get out there and do the work that God has given us to do.


This is a lovely book perfect for the Christmas season. It will prepare your heart for Christmas and keep you focused on Jesus during this time.

Each day has a Scripture that focuses on the story of Jesus. Then, there is a short devotional that focuses on this Scripture. There is a question within this devotional for you to answer and the book provides a lined area for you to answer this question or to record your thoughts.

This book is done very well. It helps you to get more in-depth into the Bible without being over your head. Each devotional was easy to understand and helped me to get more understanding. I also loved the little silhouette of the manger scene on every other page. It's little touches like this that make this book ever more special.

This would be a great book for using during your quiet time with the Lord or to even do with a friend. I really enjoyed it, gained a lot from it and I highly recommend it! I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.

*This book was provided to me for my honest review by Aneko Press

Blessings - Julie


  1. Thank you, Julie, for the excellent review. Interesting idea, to read the devotional with a friend, thanks for that!


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