Thursday, January 14, 2016

Scripture Memorization!!

I have been waiting anxiously for Beth Moore to start her Scripture memorization group again. I didn't realize that she only does it every other year and this is the off year.

I still want to make this a year where I memorize Scripture so thought I would create a group here. I would do it very similar to how Beth Moore does it on her blog and include a place on my blog's Facebook page where we could share, too.

Here's my first Scripture card I created.

This Scripture, Isaiah 43:18-19, really spoke to me. I feel the Lord is really impressing on me to let the past lie in the past and to look forward to the new things He has for me. Like many people, I tend to dwell too much on the past - especially past hurts. You, too?

Do you see that stamp I used? That's Elsa from "Frozen" and her song "Let It Go" has become a favorite of mine. It perfectly fits with this Scripture! Letting go of the past and going forward using the talents that God gives us!

If you're interested in being a part of the Scripture Memorization group here, please leave a comment telling me so. I will still be doing this every month so you can jump in anytime.

I'm so excited to hide more of God's Word in my heart!!

Blessings - Julie

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