Sunday, May 29, 2016

Bible Study/Book Review - Looking for Lovely


As Christians, we are not promised lives of ease. Often it takes just a small moment of beauty to regain hope and continue on when life is chaotic and unpredictable. Only when we learn to spot the lovely in the midst of hardship can we experience the transcendent peace of God that keeps us persevering when we want to give up.

In this 7-session Bible study, Annie F. Downs examines the ordinary people of the Bible—fishermen, gardeners, women, soldiers—to reveal the moments they found beauty in the darkest circumstances and hope in God’s timing. Because they trusted in this: He makes everything beautiful in His time.


Annie F. Downs is an author, blogger, and speaker based in Nashville, Tennessee. Flawed but funny, she uses her writing to highlight the everyday goodness of a real and present God. An author of three books- Let's All Be Brave, Perfectly Unique, and Speak Love, Annie also loves traveling around the country speaking to young women, college students, and adults. Annie is a huge fan of bands with banjos, glitter, her community of friends, boiled peanuts, and football games.


This is a wonderful study! The first thing that really appeals to me about this book is how really beautiful it is. Considering the title, "Looking for Lovely", I thought this was well done because it emphasizes the beauty that we are looking for. Each page is well thought out and very pleasing to the eye.

This is a seven week study and it was perfect for doing on my own, but it would also make a great small group study. It's meant to be used with her video series, however, I don't have them and still was able to gain a lot from this study. Would I like to have had the videos? Absolutely, but it's nice that they aren't required to still gain a lot from this study.

The questions will make you really think. They are not the type of questions where you sit down and think you'll answer them in a few minutes. The questions are written with the idea of you to really ponder your answers. There is Scripture throughout to also meditate on and answer questions about.

This study really can be life transforming. I found myself thinking a lot differently about how I view life, how I thought it should be, and how it really is. I also have gained a lot more perseverance about things and find that I don't give up as easily as I did. I see purpose to my life in areas I didn't see before and this has truly been exciting for me.

I love this study. I can't say enough wonderful things about it. It's truly a great study and I know you'll love it as much as I do.

*This study/book was provided to me for my honest review by B&H Lifeway Books

Blessings - Julie

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