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Book and Study Review - Saturate and Saturate Field Guide


Saturate Field Guide: Principles & Practices For Being Disciples of Jesus in the Everyday Stuff of Life (Saturate, February 2016)

Whether you're just beginning a relationship with Jesus or you've been a follower of Jesus for a long while, many of us have a hard time translating the truths we believe in our mind, to the reality of our everyday life.

Given our tendency to wander away from God, we need both encouragement and tools to keep the gospel at the center of our action in the everyday stuff of our lives.

This 8-week guide offers an all-of-life approach to being disciples who make disciples of Jesus. The questions, activities, prayers, and exercises will prompt you to do exactly that---put your thoughts and theology into hands-on practice. Designed for both group and individual use, each week will build on the next, aligning your heart with the will of God, examining your core identity beliefs, and launching you into mission.

When God's people commit together to sow gospel seeds in the everyday rhythms of life, a ripple effect moves through our lives, out toward the whole earth, saturating it with the good news of Jesus.


Many Christians have unknowingly embraced a lie--the idea that "church" is a once-a-week event rather than a community of Spirit-empowered people; that "ministry" is something pastors do on Sunday morning rather than the 24/7 calling of all true believers; and that "discipleship" is a program rather than the normal state of every follower of Jesus. Drawing on his experience as a pastor and church planter, Jeff Vanderstelt wants us to see that there's more--much more--to the normal Christian life than merely sitting in a pew and listening to a sermon once a week. Rather, God has called his people to something bigger: a view of the Christian life that encompasses the ordinary, the extraordinary, and everything in between.


Jeff Vanderstelt is the visionary leader of the Soma Family of Churches and the lead teaching pastor of Doxa Church in Bellevue, Washington. He also travels around the U.S. and the world equipping the church in the gospel and missional living. Vanderstelt is the author of Saturate: Being Disciples of Jesus in the Everyday Stuff of Life.

Ben Connelly started and now co-pastors The City Church, part of the Acts 29 network and Soma Family of Churches. He is also the co-author of A Field Guide for Everyday Mission (Moody Publishers). With degrees from Baylor University and Dallas Theological Seminary, Connelly taught public speaking at TCU for six years. He now leads church planting for the Soma Family in North America, writes for various publications, trains folks across the country and blogs in spurts.

Vision for Gospel Saturation from Saturate on Vimeo.


This book and study opened my eyes to how not only how I am already discipling others but how I can disciple others in new ways. Church is not about a building or something we do once or twice a week but it's really a state of mind and who we are as God's people.

SATURATE, the book, was such an easy read and really spoke to my heart about how I can reach out to others just by inviting them into my every day life. I loved how the author showed how Jesus and the believers discipled others through meals, events, and parties. We can reach out to people and show them the love of God through sharing our lives with them. Showing kindness and sharing meals and opening conversations to talk about the Lord.

SATURATE, FIELD GUIDE is a study that you can do alone but would be much better in a group. It is a beautiful study that is wire bound and hard covered so you can sit anywhere to read and answer the questions. I loved this study because it made me think about what I think it means to be a disciple. It asks indepth questions that not only brought me closer to the Lord, but showed me ways that I can bring others closer to him.

Honestly, every church and church leader should be reading these books and doing the study and then offering it in their churches. It would change the churches in ways that would be profound and truly be as the Lord Jesus wants our churches to be!

I really loved both these books and, while I did read through the study, I am now starting over and doing the study for myself. I know both these books will remain in my possession forever so I can re-visit them from time to time and make sure I am being a true disciple for the Lord. I highly recommend these books and they both deserve 5 stars.

*These books were provided to me for my honest review by LitFuse Publicity Group


Blessings - Julie

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