Thursday, June 9, 2016

Psalm 4

I'm sorry I didn't get my Psalms shared over the past day. I had a horrible headache and just couldn't bring myself to do much of anything. I'm feeling much better today so here we go!

Verse 1 shows the Lord's graciousness toward us. He vindicates us and frees us from afflictions. When we feel trapped on all sides, the Lord frees us. He lovingly hears our prayers.

This is such a comfort to my heart. Circumstances such as poor health or financial situations can leave us feeling trapped with the walls pressing in on us. God is able to free us from our prison and graciously does so. His love is abundant.

In verse 3, God tells us that He sets the faithful apart for Himself. Our loyalty to God is so vital and when we are faithful,He hears us when we call out to Him.

Verse 4 tells us to not sin, reflect in our hearts and be still. This is another reminder to meditate on God's Word and apply it to our heart in quiet reflection.

Verse 8 reminds us once again that with God, we are secure and can have peace. It is only through the Lord that we can have true peace and security in our heart.

I love how the Lord reminds us to live faithfully for Him and reveals how much He will and does care for us when we do. He frees our hearts from the turmoil that rages inside of it. He brings us loving peace and I am so grateful!

Blessings - Julie

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  1. I love how reassuring God's word can be! Thanks for sharing this scripture today, Julie :)

    God bless,
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