Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Counting Our Blessings - LinkUp!

It's been a busy week! I wasn't here last week because it was my birthday. I actually got to celebrate two days which was really nice. My sons had to work on my birthday and wanted to celebrate with me so I celebrated on my birthday with my husband and then Friday, we all had another celebration. I am extremely blessed!

102.  On my birthday, my hubby gave me beautiful red roses! It was such a nice surprises!

We went to the movies that night for a special showing of "The Odd Couple". It was so fun to see it at the theater. My hubby had never seen the movie so it was a big treat for him and he really loved it.

Then we went to shop at Michael's and I got a couple of really cute things. I just love the new Caron Cakes and I decided I would like an afghan from this beautiful color. It's called Faerie Cake! Isn't that a wonderful name?

The color is one aqua color after another and I love it! I also got this beautiful binder to hold my calendar for the new year.

I really like what it says, too. It's the large size folder for the 8 1/2 x 11 calendar by Me & My Big Ideas. I have been using this calendar for over a year and love the whole set up. I had the smaller calendar but am anxious to have the larger one for more writing space.

Then we went to WalMart to just kind of window shop. I have been wanting to get another Beta fish once I had my craft room set up in the house and have been watching for them. They never seemed to have them at WalMart but I decided to look again. They had gotten a new shipment so I picked out this little guy.

He is so pretty! I have him on my painting table so I can watch him while I paint. He probably feels like he's in the ocean after going from that little cup to this small aquarium. He's doing so well and I'm enjoying him so much!

103.  Then on Friday, we went to Olive Garden to eat and it was a good day to go! It was Veterans Day so my hubby got his meal for free! He served in the Navy and I'm so proud of him. It was nice for him to be acknowledged for that service. We also got a free appetizer and I got my dessert free because it was my birthday! We had a lovely meal and it was so nice to be with my whole family!

My youngest son gave me this gorgeous purse! I love it!

Isn't it absolutely gorgeous?!! I have wanted one for so long but I have never seen one this beautiful! It's a Montana Purse and it's so well made and beautiful. I have a wallet that I've had forever with the cross on it and wanted to get a purse, too, but at the time, couldn't afford it. I was thinking about the purses not long ago but didn't say anything. Amazing how my children know and love me! I was so shocked to see this purse and I adore it! It's a beautiful birthday gift!

My older son gave me gorgeous pink roses! I don't think I've had so many flowers for years and years! To have so many roses - wow!!

We then went to the used book store that I haven't been to for years. It's been here since I've lived here - 30 years - and I had completely forgotten about it. I am looking for those British mysteries I love so much and thought they might have some. Yes, they did! I got a few books and then I was just exhausted and we headed home.

We had wonderful coconut cake for my birthday and then watched a couple shows on tv. It was an absolutely wonderful birthday! I am incredibly blessed!

103.  I've been doing the Scripture writing that I have here on my blog. Here's the Scripture for the 13th written out and clarified on the forms I have available.

If you're interested in joining me on this, you can go HERE to get the list for November and the forms to write them out.  I'll be doing a list for December soon so be watching for it.

Please share your blessings on the linkup below or in the comments. I love seeing how God is blessing you, too!

Blessings - Julie


  1. Happy Belated Birthday, sweet friend! I am so thankful God blessed you so much...you are abundantly loved by so many. The roses are just gorgeous...how thoughtful of your husband and son! And, that purse!!!! Oh, my! I love that. May God bless you with many more happy and healthy birthdays!!! Sending you love and hugs. :)

  2. I loved reading about your birthday celebrations. Your gifts are lovely. Such a blessing to spend time with your family. (((Hugs)))

  3. Happy, Happy Birthday Julie! What great celebrations and gifts! I bet little Miss Mitzi had a LOT to say about you being gone so long. ;)


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