Monday, January 2, 2017

Counting Our Blessings - LinkUp! First for 2017!!

Happy 2017! I hope your new year is full of blessings!

This is our first linkup for the new year. I'm excited to be back and sharing again. It's been a tough few weeks, but I'm hopeful for the new year. I'm looking forward to seeing how God is going to move in my life and where He's going to lead me. I hope you're feeling the same. Let's get started on our blessings.

1. Christmas was really nice. We had a quiet day but a joyous day! We had a white Christmas this year, which was really nice. We haven't had a white Christmas here for years. Such beautiful clouds over the mountains...

Having snow for Christmas was a huge blessing!

2.  We always open one gift on Christmas eve and then the rest of our gifts on Christmas morning. For Christmas eve, I made finger foods that we enjoy like cocktail shrimp and deep fried shrimp. We also had mini quiche, mini corn dogs, and more! We always look forward to having these foods we never have any other time. So much fun.

My sons opened their one gift on Christmas eve and here they are with what they got.

My youngest son with an anime movie he wanted. You can see our pretty little tree in the background.

My oldest son with a movie he got from his brother.

3.  On Christmas, we had ham, cheesy potatoes (2 kinds, I might add) and a vegetable. For dessert I made cinnamon rolls. Really simple meal but we loved it and liked having the cinnamon rolls as a change from pie. I set out a little buffet of cookies, candy and more and lit some candles.

I took a picture of all the packages around the tree before they were all gone! lol

You can see my reindeer peeking out from the middle of the presents. I love that ceramic reindeer and Mitzi was so funny when I put him under there. She wasn't sure what it was and jumped back. She kept creeping up on it and then jumping back until she figured out it wasn't going to attack her. I wish I had my video camera going for the whole process. It was hilarious!

4.  Speaking of Mitzi, I had to take some new pictures of her. She's such a spoiled little girl. She has been a joy in so many ways, however, she can't get under the covers at night so wakes me up to get under. I'm trying to get her to stop doing this because it feeds into my insomnia and makes me so tired. I've tried lots of things to make her stop this but haven't found the solution yet. She's a silly thing and I love her so.

Look at that face. Is it any wonder she's so spoiled? lol She's adorable.

Now it's your turn to share your blessings! Join up on the linky below. :)

Blessings - Julie

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