Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Counting Our Blessings - LinkUp!

It's a beautiful sun-shiny day here! Although things continue to be stressful and we ride the roller-coaster of life, there are so many blessings to meditate on. So many blessings to be thankful for! I'm loving the warmer weather for one thing and for my beautiful family and sweet blogging friends. I hope you have an abundance of blessings!

18.  First, I am so thankful for the friendship and encouragement of Cheryl. She shared such a beautiful post on my linkup last week. It was exactly what I needed to read and hold to my heart. If you haven't had a chance to read it, please do. You'll find that post HERE and, if you are going through changes and/or hard times, this will bless you so much!

19.  One of my biggest blessings this week if from Cheryl! She has a section on her blog of free stuff and I saw some really adorable things and Cheryl sent them to me! Such a sweet and generous thing for her to do! I got the package last night and here's what she taped to the outside. So beautiful and encouraging!! I'm saving this and putting it in my faith journal.

My son is a huge baseball fan and when I saw this picture, I knew he would love it.

then she sent me all these lovely items for my home! Plus, a book by Corrie Ten Boom that I have been wanting for so long!

Such a huge blessing!! Thank you SO much, Cheryl, for the blessing of these things that I will treasure. Every time I see them, I will think of you and say a prayer for you and your family. Such kindness to share and bless. Each item will have a special place in my home and I thank you so much!

20. It was my oldest sons birthday last week and we had such a nice celebration day! We went to Olive Garden and had a lovely meal and spent some time together. Here's some pictures from that day... My oldest son and me

Then my oldest son and my youngest son with me

Finally, our precious family all together

This is the picture that just means so much to me and brings tears to my eyes every time I look at it. I was telling my son how much he means to me and how proud of him I am. He grabbed me and gave me this sweet hug. So thankful it was captured on the camera. I will always treasure this picture.

I am so blessed by this godly man who I am so proud to call my son. He lives a life for God and works hard to always do the right thing.

Here he is after getting home from work as an EMT. He cares so much for all those that call on him and he is caring and loving to all his patients. He has shown me that kind of care time after time. I am so excited to see how God is using him and how He will continue to use him to bless others. He has certainly blessed me beyond measure!!

By the way, the crow bar is not part of his tools at work! lol He was doing something for his dad and was using the crowbar when I snapped this photo. :)

Now it's your turn! What are your blessings? Share on the linky below!

Blessings - Julie


  1. Oh, DEAR FRIEND!! I am sitting here just bawling after reading this amazing post. I called my husband over to see this, and he broke down and cried, too. You just have no idea how much your words blessed us, and seeing your dear, precious family all together and knowing the gifts meant so much to you just brought so much joy to our hearts. We are SO thankful your dear son loves the Ryan Klesko picture, and are thankful he had such a nice birthday. The photo of the two of you together speaks a thousand words of his love for you and what a precious mother you are to him. Oh, I am SO blessed by all you said, and I just thank you from the bottom of my heart. I needed this encouragement SO much...God always knows, doesn't He? Sending you much love and gratitude, dear, sweet friend! You made our night!

  2. What a precious, loving family you have Julie! And such beautiful pictures.
    The Hiding Place is an awesome book!

  3. What a blessing to see you enjoying your family... our families are such a blessing. Thank you for hosting this blog party... I appreciate your work on it. I hope you have a wonderful week. :)


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