Saturday, July 15, 2017

Sleep and Prayer

Lying awake over concerns is so hard. You want to sleep - you long to sleep - but your mind and heart are churning and thoughts tumble over one another until you think you'll go quite mad. Sleep would be a beautiful escape, but the turmoil keeps your emotions on high alert.

I don't know why we do this to ourselves. I don't know why we think by losing sleep that we'll solve the problems that are plaguing us. The next day is made worse because we are so exhausted our brains and bodies won't work. It's a wasted night and a wasted day.

Prayer is the only thing that helps in these situations. Giving it over to God and asking Him to take control is the only rest our hearts and minds will get. We can do nothing to quiet our own hearts - only trusting God can do that. Maybe the situation you're concerned about is health related or a family relationship is shattered. Perhaps we are berating ourselves over something we said or did that we wish we hadn't. Can you relate? I certainly can to all these things.

It's not easy giving it over to God. I'll be the first to admit I mull things over and over. Fret and worry. Trying to figure a way of fixing the issue or being afraid and what may happen. Why is prayer never the first thing I do? Why is it always the last; after I'm so exhausted the words to God are barely coherent?

Thankfully, we have a Savior who cares and does not turn away even when I talk to Him last. He knows my human frailties and He doesn't hold them against me. He is there, in the dead of night, just waiting to listen and to comfort my heart. It is only then that my mind rests and the sleep comes and it is sweet, comforting rest. Thank you, Lord!

Blessings - Julie


  1. Yes, I fall asleep each night giving each concern to God. I often in the daytime hours take the concerns back!!, but I once again turn them over to God when I lay my head down to rest at night. I fall asleep praying to God.

  2. Dear friend, you will NEVER know how much I needed to read this. I can so relate to ALL you said. I don't know why I can't learn to trust God...He has been so faithful to me, and yet, I worry SO much and have so much severe anxiety. I hope you can find peace, and me, too! Love and appreciate you!

  3. Thank you!
    I, too, wonder why I don't go to God first... I know better!


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