Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Health Update

It's time for a long over-due update from me. This has been a season of growth for me as I deal with something I never had imagined having to deal with. It has stretched me in a lot of ways and I've had to fight the immature desire to feel bitter and to have a pity party. I keep telling myself that this is not forever and that there are others that have it much worse. Sometimes, I just don't want to even hear myself saying this, even though they are true. Isn't it just so human to feel sorry for ourselves and think "why me"? Ha!

So on to my news. My skin finally healed enough that the bags are staying on and the nurse figured out, with the help of the company who makes these things, what would work for me. It's down to a routine now with the bag staying put for the most part. I still have an "oops" once in a while - with a bag leaking or just coming loose - but this is happening less and less. I am so thankful for this as dealing with the leaking was just so bad. It's gross enough (for me, anyway) to deal with this bag when it works, let alone when it doesn't.

I do have a surgery date to reverse all this and put everything back together. Right now it's set for February 13th....FEBRUARY 13TH!!! This was supposed to be a 3 month thing which means I should be having the surgery this month but, evidently, this surgeon does not plan for these things and she is so busy that this was the soonest date I could get. I was quite upset. I have called and called and now we are looking at moving my surgery to January 23rd. This is not set yet so I would so appreciate your prayers that this surgery would get moved up. Even sooner than January 23rd would be great but even the 23rd is better than 3 weeks later on the 13th!

I have been doing some stitching, crocheting and painting and will share about that on my next post. Thank you so much for being so faithful to check on me during all this and I'm so grateful for your prayers and friendship!

Blessings - Julie


  1. I am praying dear friend. Hang in there.

  2. I am surely praying for you and believing with you that this surgery can be moved to a sooner date. Bless your dear heart. You have had to deal with so much and have been such a trooper. Surely God understands it all and will see you through. Take good care of yourself. Your name is in my prayer list book, my friend. :) Sending hugs!


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