Friday, April 13, 2018

Hobby Lobby Haul

A friend of mine went to Hobby Lobby and shared that they had put things in every department on sale for 75% off! I never knew they did this so had to check it out, of course. 😊 I headed straight for the stitching area and found some lovely kits! I thought I'd share my haul with you today.

 Adorable! I just love the bird and the message of "Be Joyful". Do you see the price? $5.00! It had been $19.99.

Isn't this kitty adorable? That face! I love the Gold Collection kits so had to have this cutie.

This is a needlepoint kit. I used to do needlepoint all the time and find it very relaxing. I thought this was such a pretty kit, and at $7.50, how could I pass it up? Everything is in there so such a bargain!

This is my favorite kit I found. I love this company and was surprised to find it, actually. I will love stitching this little guy!

Then I found they had also put the embroidery pillow cases on sale! I think they are so expensive so never buy them but always look at them. I have such wonderful memories of stitching pillow cases with my mother during the winter months. We would sit in our pajamas all day and just stitch away. I picked out two different designs, although I won't be using the colors they have on the front. I'll be going with pinks, blues and purples.

It was so fun getting these bargains! I have to give credit to my husband, too, who takes me, pushes me in a wheelchair, and waits patiently while I look at EVERYTHING! I am so blessed by him and thank him every day for all he does for me. I had such a good time. Hope you enjoyed seeing my little haul from Hobby Lobby. 😊

Blessings - Julie

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