Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Giving Thanks - Decorations

Giving Thanks

This is my Tuesday "Giving Thanks" post. Kelli over at "There's no place like home" is doing this and it's so much fun.

I wanted to show my table centerpiece that I put out on the table in October and it will stay there until Thanksgiving.

The tray is an old tray that evidently was an award. It's dated 1961 (it's as old as I am and that's pretty old!) and it's just huge! It takes up a good bit of space on my round table, but it looks so nice there, I keep it there and work around it or move it when I need to. The plastic pumpkin beads are some I got at Michael's after seeing them on Kelli's blog. The candles are from WalMart and I got the ribbon at Michaels and tied bows around the candles. I will change the ribbon to Christmas ribbon when I decorate for Christmas. The crystal Cornicopia is something I found at a favorite thrift store. I know it's hard to see it, but it's very pretty and unusual.

The other decoration I have is this really cute chicken candle holder. I found it at Safeway and it had been over $50.00 and they had it on sale for $7.00. What a bargain! I have chickens in my kitchen so it's a perfect fit. I added a candle I had gotten at a thrift store and then put the berries around it. These are from Michaels.

I like having things that I can change the decoration on it and make it work for me for different seasons. The chicken will get a Christmas candle and Christmas berries when it's time to decorate for that holiday.

Be sure to check out Kelli's blog and see all the fun things everyone is posting.

God bless you ~ Julie


  1. love your decoraions! especially the tray. thanks for sharing.

  2. Just gorgeous! I'm so glad you got some of the same pumpkins...I love how you used them!

  3. I like the tray idea with the pumpkins...I have mine inside my hurricane lamps for this year, but now I have an idea for next year!

  4. Your tray and decorations are so pretty...everytime I see those little pumpkins they remind me of little jewels of sunshine! I love them!



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