Friday, January 15, 2010

Playing Catch-Up!

I was looking through my pictures and realized that I hadn't shared my Thanksgiving pictures with you all! This is definitely a tragedy because my turkey looked like it should be in a food magazine layout. Truly, it did. (I'm thinking of my Grandmother here when she used to say to me "That would sound better coming from someone else". However, there's no one else here to say it, so I'm gonna! *snort*)

First I must share my turkey preparation pictures.

First things, first! I MUST have a cup of coffee before anything. Here's my wonderful Kuerig Coffee maker that makes one delicious cup at a time. I'm the only serious coffee drinker in my house, so this is perfect for those days when I won't be nursing a whole pot - or for those mornings I need a cuppa quick!!

Next I prepare my onions and celery for my homemade stuffing. Yes, that's an iron skillet I'm cooking in. I do most of my cooking in iron skillets. I love them and think everything comes out tasting better when cooked in one.

While that's cooking, I prepare Mr. Turkey. Here he is in his roasting pan, rinsed, with all guts removed. :)

Now lookie at what I did for my stuffing!

That's homemade bread cubes, my friend! Yep! I made my white bread, cubed it and toasted it in the oven then bagged it for my dressing. Oh yes, I did!

There's my big, yellow bowl ready for all the wonderful dressing/stuffing ingredients. Behind the bowl, you can see the pan with the innards from the turkey simmering for my gravy later. Don't you love the display on my toast oven? Worried I might burn my house down? Don't be! I have some heat-resistant batting underneath that towel that keeps everything nice and cool and safe.

Here's all that delicious goodness put together in a pan. My family LOVES dressing and so I not only stuff Mr. Turkey with it, I make a big pan, too. My family loves the crunchy parts on the bottom and sides of the stuffing and would feel it wasn't Thanksgiving without it.

Here's Mr. Turkey all stuffed and buttered and seasoned. Now I cover him with heavy-duty Reynolds Aluminum Foil and roast him until he's golden brown. Now, are you ready for that picture that should be in a food magazine? You're sure now . . . .

I mean, really, don't you agree? Is that not the most beautiful turkey you've ever seen? Yes, I was very pleased.

More importantly, my family was pleased. They all enjoyed that turkey and all the other goodies - and let me tell you - making the homemade bread for the dressing? Totally worth it!

We had such a lovely Thanksgiving and, even though it's January, I hope you enjoyed hearing about it. I am so thankful to the Lord for all He has done for us and I never want to take lightly the many blessings that He gives us daily. Thanksgiving reminds us of this, so maybe this posting wasn't untimely after all. Give thanks to God for He IS good!!

God bless you - Julie


  1. Yes, it did look like it belonged in a magazine. Very pretty, especially with the red table cloth in the background. BTW, I think we have the same butter dish. Mine was handed down to me from my grandma. ♥

  2. That turkey is magazine worthy. It looks great. I've never stuffed mine. I don't know why.
    I can't believe your made all that bread for your stuffing. What a woman!

    ♥ Joy

  3. Yes, that is definitely a magazine-worthy photo. Also a mouth-watering picture!

  4. Julie, I really wanted to get here before now....what a wonderful looking turkey, I'm sure it was delicious. Love the coffee mug. :)
    I really like your new studio, fun.

  5. did you make the Grandmother bread recipe? or was it another recipe...i bet it did make good stuffing and yes, your turkey looks perfect!



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