Monday, January 17, 2011

Book Review - Voices of the Faithful, Book 2

This book is wonderful.  Honestly.  I started reading it and it was like eating potato chips...I couldn't stop at one page.  Each story was more inspiring than the next and they really touched my heart. 

I loved seeing God's hand in so many of these missionaries lives! I also loved that each page started with a Scripture and then ended with a prayer.  Each prayer focuses on praying for the missionaries, their families or the countries that they serve.  The prayers help to remind us that there are people serving Christ in hostile countries!

Even though I finished the book, I am now committed to reading one devotional a day (each page is dated) and praying for those that are serving our Lord.  In America we don't always realize what these people have to endure or that sometimes they aren't even safe; just because of their faith in Jesus! Our prayers make such a difference to each and every one of them.  When you read the stories, you see how sometimes people were praying just when these missionaries needed it most.  God is amazing that way. 

You may not feel called to be a missionary (I don't feel called this way nor could I physically do it), but we can support our missionaries in the field by our prayers! Prayer really does change things. 

I highly recommend you read this book and make it a part of your daily devotional and prayer life.  It will make you feel so blessed that you can worship Jesus in America and it will compel you to pray for those who are on the front lines for the Lord.

This book was provided to me by Thomas Nelson Publishers for my honest review

God bless you - Julie


  1. Hi, Julie! Thank you for your kind words to me. I read a little of your blog, and oh, I can feel your pain. I was in agony for a few weeks there, and though I'm so much better now, I could not find a comfortable position.

    It is so hard, to long for nighttime so I could go to bed, then to cry all night, restless without getting any sleep. Then not wanting to get up in the morning. It's hard to submit to the Lord. His Word has carried me through, and I'm comforted knowing that back pain was His best plan for me for the past several weeks. A hymn says "He whose heart is kind beyond all measure gives unto each day what He deems best." Hard words, but true.

    You will be in my thoughts and prayers as the Lord works His perfect plan in your life!


  2. I was very surprised at how wonderful this book is. I am reading it again, too.

  3. Hi Julie, how nice of you to stop by yesterday.
    This book sounds like one I would love to read.

  4. Oh I am so glad to meet you! Thanks for commenting on my blog! I am so blessed to find your blog which is lovely. I look forward to visiting here often!

    This book is wonderful. I read it recently and then passed it on at a Christmas gift swap. I pray they are enjoying it also.

    I am so excited to meet you..LOL I am a bit giddy ti meet a bible thumping crocheter too :o)

    Have a blessed evening,


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