Monday, January 17, 2011

Sunday Thoughts

It really is amazing how God works things out.  Just when I think that things are going to be a total mess, God's timing and hands come into play and all works out beautifully! Why am I always amazed by this when He has shown this to me time and time again?

After my prayer time this morning, it was abundantly clear to me that the Lord was telling me to step down from ministry for now.  Not only did I feel that peaceful stirring in my heart, but I also had messages from friends and loved ones basically telling me the same thing! It just reconfirmed what the Lord had already told me.  I can't tell you what a blessed, peaceful feeling I have about this.  I just know that it's right.

I talked with my dear friend this afternoon that heads up all the ministries I've been involved in and told her of my decision.  She was so supportive and it ended up working out so well!  My Bible study group had dwindled to a group of 2-4 ladies and there is another group that has done the same, so my friend was going to combine the groups.  This solved the situation so well!  I can be a co-leader behind the scenes and help the leader of the combined groups without having the pressure of having to be at the study physically, which is what was worrying me. 

I also stepped down from my volunteer position in the office on Friday afternoons.  Again, it was amazing because the church had sent around a form with different positions that people could check off if they had an interest in serving.  They had 27 people check the "volunteer in office" box!  They will be able to find someone to fill my position permanently and it will not put any pressure on the office staff to worry whether I will be there or not.  A month ago, it would have been difficult finding someone to fill this position, but now there are over 20!  Again, God's perfect timing!

There is a part of me that is devastated about having to step down from these things, but there is a greater relief at having all these pressures off of me.  I feel that I can now focus on getting myself well and healed.  I also feel such a great peace at knowing that this is where the Lord wants me to be.  Greater than that - there is a tremendous peace about submitting to God's will in this!  There truly is peace in submission!!

I won't be totally out of things.  I am working in behind-the-scenes ministry from home in my recliner with my lap-top. :)  It's a few hours of my time every month and it makes me feel so blessed to be able to help out my church and my friend by doing these things that she needs done.  That's the thing about my friend - she is so sensitive in knowing that I really wanted to serve - needed to serve - in some capacity and she made it happen.  It is truly a blessing having friends that know you and love you and care.  What sweet fellowship there is in the body of Christ!!

I didn't do much today.  I rested, spent time with the Lord, crocheted one project and that's about it.  I slept very poorly last night and just was really exhausted all day.  I'm praying for sweet sleep tonight and that I'll feel better tomorrow.  I did watch "Downton Abbey" on PBS tonight and it was so good!! Did you watch it?  I love all things British (as I've said on this blog many times before) and this was just a wonderful show! The characters were wonderful and you really cared what happened to them.  It was also wonderful seeing Elizabeth McGovern after so many years.  It was a wonderful show and I can't wait to see the next episode! I'm hoping they will get it in at the library so I can watch it all over again. 

I'm looking forward to tomorrow - getting into God's Word and finding what He wants me to know about Him.  What a blessed time to sit at the feet of Jesus and chose that good part that will not be taken from me.  (Luke 10:42) 

God bless you - Julie


  1. Dear Julie,

    It is amazing how Our Lord shows us exactly what we are to do for Him in HIs time! Right now, this was what He wants you to, all we have to do is Trust Him completely!

    Thank you for stopping by the cottage... what a pleasure it is to meet you :)


  2. God is so good! I pray that you will receive healing very soon. I read your other posts and am proud of how you moved from pity to acceptance, not an easy thing! May God continue you to meet with you in your journey.

  3. Oh, I forgot! I have missed Downtown Abbey and am bummed about that. I hope to see it on Netflix or Youtube one of these days.

  4. All God wants from us is love and obedience. You have shown both. God knows what is best for you right now and trusting Him in everything shows Christian maturity. If so many others would learn to trust and obey Him, their lives wouldn't be such a mess. When you have total peace about a decision(s) then you know they're from God.

    I bet your friend will appreciate all you do. I work behind the scenes at my church, helping the ladies' group leader. I email, call and send cards to visitors, the sick and other members of our ladies' group. I'm not saying this to make me look good. I'm saying it, because it's something that you can do at home sitting in your recliner.

    I'm still praying.

  5. Ok so I am reading this a few days late...NOT! It is in God's perfect timing...AMEN!! I have been feeling lead for a while to "downsize" my ministry. While it is growing in one area there are other areas where it is time to step away to be all I am called to be where I am called to be. Your blog on this has given me some confirmation and I will seek more diligently to know exactly where and what God has for me in each area of my ministry.

    Dont you just love the ways work in the lives of others.



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