Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Counting Our Blessings

How has your week been?  Do you have lots of blessing to count? Let's begin!

71.  I am very blessed by friendship. Friends, new and old, who make my life richer and make me feel special. There really is nothing better than a friend who makes you feel like their life is better because of you..and who makes your life better because of them.

72.  I'm counting my latest back shot as a blessing.  It's been a tough one this time..more invasive...but I'm hopeful it will be more helpful, too.

73.  I'm so blessed by the cool nights we've been having...where I can throw open a window, curl up with my quilts, and sleep soundly with cool breezes flowing over me.

74.  One of my biggest blessings is the Lord.  He has been with me every step of the way through my life and I'm very thankful.  To see his mighty hand working throughout my life is an amazing thing and a blessing beyond belief.


Now it's your turn... Use the Linky tool below to link up your blog with mine. I'd love to read how the Lord has been blessing you this week.


  1. Thanks for sharing your blessings. I wish it was early spring. I miss all the beautiful flowers, but especially the cooler weather. Here in Louisiana, we are in the 100's every day. It's extremely hot. We got a lot of rain today, which we needed. Our vegetables were starting to burn up. After the rain, we've got several tomatoes turning red. YAY! Wait, I don't eat tomatoes, but hubby does. YAY!!! Come on cucumbers, grow, grow, grow. Sorry, I forgot where I was. Hope you're having a great day!

  2. Wonderful list and I pray that the shot will help you out and relief the pain.


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