Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year

Happy New Year!  Yes, I'm a little late with this greeting but it's heartfelt, nonetheless.  I hope you all have a blessed and joyous new year!

It's been an up and down week here.  New years eve morning, I woke up in horrible pain.  Not exactly how I wanted to start out the new year.  I've been having more pain but this day was especially hard.  My husband helped me to another recliner (sometimes changing chairs will help) and I took my pain meds, had my heating pad, and just relaxed the entire day.  I did have some "feeling sorry for myself" moments, I must confess.  I didn't want to think about starting out the new year with this kind of pain again. 

New years day, I felt a bit better and have been feeling a bit better each day since.  I did schedule a back injection for the middle of the month in hopes that it will help me.  I really don't want this year to be all about my pain or health issues.  Of course, I will accept God's will for my life but I am praying for a better year in both of these areas. 

Now on to other things.  I've been continuing to work on my goals for this year.  I didn't get everything all written out yet.  I'm not going to stress out about it and put pressure on myself.  I've already started implementing some of my goals into my life and it feels really great! There's nothing like working on your new goals to make you feel good. 

Our Christmas decorations are put away (pretty easy considering there wasn't much out - lol) and the Valentines decorations are out.  I've been going through paperwork and the "nest" around my chair today in hopes of bringing some kind of order to my area.  I tend to get tons of books, magazines, notebooks and such around my chair and then I have to dig out and keep the things I'm really using at the moment.  I have a large Longaberger basket that I've had for 25 years that I keep on a stool next to my side table and in it are my Bible, prayer request book, devotionals, and so forth.  Sometimes this basket gets quite full of things and I have to go through it.  I do love having these special things at my fingertips, though. 

I've signed up for the new Bible study that's starting at church in a couple weeks.  I do pray that I will be able to go as I've missed being involved in the studies so much.  I picked up the study at church before Christmas and it looks like it's going to be a great study.

Many blessings - Julie


  1. Happy New Year!

    What study will you be doing at church? We are finishing up Beth Moore's Living Free. It's a wonderful study. We'll be starting a new study in the next 3 weeks. I can't wait to find out tonight what it will be.

    I'm sorry that you have had pain. I'm still praying for you and will continue to. God's got big plans for you.
    Have a blessed day!

  2. Sweet hugs! I think we spent New Year's Eve a bit similar with the pain and thoughts of self-pity.

    How funny to read that you signed up for a Bible Study at church and wonder if you can attend. I've got my sign-up card in my Bible and I REALLY want to attend, but I fear that sitting in a chair (uncomfortable at that) will not work --especially for 2 hours. I just pray!

    I am praying for you and am often reminded with each twinge of pain.

  3. Praying for a better year for you.

  4. Nice post thank you very much for sharing...blessings soraya


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