Monday, July 16, 2012

Book Review - The God Who Sees You

The God Who Sees You by Tammy Maltby

What would you life be like if you truly believed God sees you?  That He really, really loves what He sees? That He's acive and present in your life at this very moment? A refreshing change of perspective for anyone who ever feels invisible, unnoticed, or unappreciated - and that's all of us.  Because everything looks different when you really see...the God who sees you.

Tammy Maltby's multifacted ministry can be summed up in one word: encouragement. Through her books, speaking events, and broadcasts, this Emmy-winning TV personality encourages women to live more beautifully and transparently.  Her books include LifeGiving, Confessions of a Good Christian Girl, Confessions of a Good Christian Guy, and The Christmas Kitchen. She lives with her family in Colorado. 


This book was such an encouragement to me. Sometimes, when we're down and out because of health reasons or other disappointments in life, we can feel as though the Lord just doesn't see us or care. This is so untrue, and we know it is, but this book just really re-affirmed that the Lord not only sees us, but is there for us.

Tammy uses Scripture, personal stories (which you all know I love!) and Biblical promises to show how much the Lord loves us and is there for us whether we realize it or not. I especially loved her lists she used throughout the book.  For instance, there is the list "the God who sees you...wants you to know Him", "you're worth it!", "when we can't see God", "accept the discipline of restoration", and the one that really spoke to me, "accept the gifts that trouble can bring". I really like that she had these sections with the lists because they are easy to refer to and when we need encouragement, how great to be able to open the book and go right to these lists!

There is also an 8-week Bible study in the back of the book that is great! The questions are really great in the study because they help us to realize how much the Lord works in our life and also helps us to see our views of God. For me, it helped me to really see how the Lord has worked in my life over and over and how He really saw me, even when I wasn't sure if He did at the time.

I highly recommend this book - especially if you're going through any difficulties in your life. This book will reassure you of God's love and that He really does see you!!

*This book was provided to me by David C. Cook for my honest review

God bless you - Julie

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