Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Counting Our Blessings - Link Up!!

So many blessings from the Lord! Yes, sometimes it's easier to focus on our blessings than other times, but it's so important in those hard times to really focus on those blessings!

Let's get started!

66. I made it through a really busy week last week! By Friday night, I was just dragging and just dropped when I finally made it home that night. It was a wonderful, week, though, and I feel so blessed to be back doing things again!

67. I'm so blessed by the ladies in both my Bible studies. They are all amazing and I have learned so much from them. It's amazing what the Lord reveals to each of us individually as we study His Word!

68. Which brings me to my next blessing. The Word of God! I am learning so much as we study through Genesis. Like many of you, I've read through Genesis many times, however, this study is revealing things I had never considered before. That's why I love studies - it brings you deeper into God's Word!

69. I'm so blessed by forgiveness. I accidently did something last week that created a potential mess for one of my dear friends. I think I've been so over-whelmed by everything that's been going on lately, I forgot to tell her something important. I also got confused about her birthday and forgot to bring her present to her!! I felt SO bad, but she had forgiveness for me and my foolishness. Forgiveness is such a blessing - especially when we're the one that needs to be forgiven!

70. I'm blessed by sleep! lol This last week was so exhausting. I was actually rather ill over the weekend and my knees were just killing me! I made the decision to completely rest over the weekend and allow my knees and body to heal. It was a great decision because Monday I woke up feeling refreshed and my knees weren't in horrible pain. Sleep and rest are so important when we need it!

I hope you'll share your own blessings on my link-up! It really does help our outlook on life and keeps our eyes on the One who provides those blessings! Link up below....

God bless you - Julie

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