Friday, October 5, 2012

Wonderful Phone Call!

This morning I was so blessed to get a phone call from one of my favorite people! I had given her my number because I had read on Facebook that she was in horrible pain and you know how my heart grieves when I hear about someone in pain.

I had just gotten up and could hear my phone buzzing - I had it on vibrate - but I couldn't find it!! So frustrating! By the time I did find it, I looked and it said it was a phone call from Canada! I knew that it was Angie

I called her back, then she called me back because it would have cost me a small fortune to call her and talk for any length of time. It was her idea and I'm so grateful that she told me to let her do that. I did try to put her number on my plan but, of course, her being in Canada, it wouldn't let me. :( In any case, we talked for about 45 minutes and, while I was supposed to be encouraging her, she ended up encouraging me because that's how Angie is!! The light shines through her so brightly - even through the phone!

We prayed for each other and discussed how the Lord was using us through the pain. How He knew that we were able and would use it for His glory. What an encouragement and a blessing to spend that time talking to her.

Thank you, Angie, for calling me! You encouraged me so much and you and your family are in my prayers always!! Hopefully, we can talk again!!

God bless you - Julie

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  1. How He knew that we were able and would use it for His glory...amen amen amen..this brought tears to my eyes Julie. Diane and I keep saying..'who would have thought..except God!!!"


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