Saturday, October 6, 2012

Some of my Favorite Things

Here's some of my favorite things. I have these things on my new writing desk so I can enjoy them. I shared Shutterfly in the bigger picture I showed the other day, but here's a close-up of that cute, little thing. 

Behind her you can see my adorable "Peanuts" calender. I got this at the Christian book store and each comic on each day has something inspiring or Biblical. I love it!

Finally, this is a ceramic bowl I made years and years ago. I love the Scripture I have on the inside of the bowl and it cheers me every time I see it. 


It's very convenient for keeping my paperclips and an occasional thumbtack in. 

I did remove a lot of the "junk" from my writing desk and I like it so much better. There is so much more room for me to actually write and study my Bible! 

I hope you enjoyed seeing a few of my favorite things!

God bless you - Julie

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  1. yep, I love them all too. One day I will have to take a pic of my desk area that have a few (well you know me, not a few things,lol) of my favorite things also.


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