Monday, December 31, 2012

My Phrase for 2013

Today is the end of 2012. For my family and me, it's been a year of very high "highs" and very low "lows".

The lows were the diagnosis of my husbands prostate cancer return, my son's continued pain, my continued pain, having extended family issues and betrayals, being hurt by friends, financial difficulties, and more.

The highs were the easing of some of my pain, my husbands "cure" from prostate cancer, being back at church and serving, having some sweet time with friends, both my sons doing so well in school, and lots of other blessings.

At the end of this year, I'm noticing I'm focusing on the lows. I'm not sure's not really normal for me to do this, however, I think the lows have come all at once and I'm feeling really over-whelmed by the lows. However, it has really been on my heart that the Lord doesn't want me looking backward.

At church this weekend, one of our Elders gave a message about God's will for our life and the one thing he said that really stuck out to me was "DIE TO SELF". I realized that in thinking about all the hurts, focusing on the betrayals and and hard times, is not dying to self. I'm thinking about myself above all else. I'm chosing to sit and think about how hurt I am and not moving forward. So....

for 2013, I have decided that my phrase will be Die To Self. A lot of people choose a word for the year, but I want this phrase. I want to be so focused on the Lord and so unaffected by what others do to me (or my family) that I don't take my eyes off the Lord. I want to stay focused on Jesus. I can't fully be in God's will if I'm so concerned about the past, I'm not looking forward to what God has for my future.

For 2013, I will have God as my center, beginning and end. He will be in everything and I will react to what happens AFTER I pray to the Lord for wisdom. I will resolve to look at people as He looks at them. I will see people and circumstances through the eyes of Jesus. At the end of 2013, I pray that I am closer to the Lord, know more of His Word in my heart and that I never look back, except to see how much He has blessed me in my life.

Happy New Year, my dear friends. You have made my life so sweet because of your friendship, your loving comments and your encouragement. May God bless you in the new year abundantly!

God bless you - Julie

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