Sunday, December 30, 2012

Book Review - 101 Moments of Trust


Join Marion Bond West, longtime writer for the bestselling devotional, Daily Guideposts, as she takes you on a journey that will help you trust in God's abiding strength and love no matter what challenges life brings. With carefully chosen Scripture passages for each day and thoughtful devotional entries sharing real-life experiences, 101 Moments of Trust will be a refreshing addition to your quiet time. If you're looking to grow in your faith while enhancing your daily practice of prayer and reflection, you'll find a wonderful companion in 101 Moments of Trust, part of the Guideposts Spirit Lifters series.
Marion Bond West is fascinated by honesty: honesty in others, honesty with herself, honesty with God. For almost forty years, she has written honestly about her life and God in a wide variety of books, magazines, and newspapers. Marion is a contributing editor of Guideposts magazine, having written for the internationally recognized publication and for the devotional book Daily Guideposts for more than thirty years. She and her husband, Gene Acuff, life in a Watkinsville, Georgia.

This book was like eating peanuts - once I started reading one devotion, I couldn't stop. I really enjoyed the little stories of encouragement and they were very uplifting. These devotions are the favorites of the author after writing them for over 30 years for Guide Posts. 
I liked how each one had a corresponding Scripture and focused on keeping in the will of God and knowing Him better through His Word. 
This e-book was very encouraging and inspiring and I really enjoyed it. I highly recommend it!
*This book was provided to me for my honest review by LitFuse Publicity Group
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Blessings - Julie

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