Saturday, January 12, 2013

Busy and Cold!

 How many of you watched the first episode of Season Three of, "Downton Abbey"? What did you think?
I had been looking forward to seeing this and I enjoyed it, but was surprised that the wedding scenes were so extremely small! I mean, wasn't this supposed to be the event of the season?! Overall, I enjoyed it, though, and am looking forward to the next episode!

It's been a busy week around here. I had an epidural on Tuesday and then knee shots on Thursday. I've been rather sore, to say the least. lol However, I'm so thankful for the fact that I cana get these shots and help to relieve my pain. It makes life so much easier to live when you're not in horrible pain.

We had snow here again this week and it's so very cold out! We had a couple of days that were rather nice and then this winter cold hit us again. I think the wind is what is so hard to bear. I've never liked the wind.

Here's how our yard looked after the big snow storm...

Isn't that just so pretty? The white snow, with the ultra blue sky and the sun shining. God's creating is so amazing!

I'm making some gifts for some people in my life that need some extra comfort. I won't say here what I'm making, as I think a couple of them read my blog. It's been on my heart to do this and so I went to Hobby Lobby to make my purchase for the projects. As soon as I can share pictures, I will.

Our community has been hit extra hard by this flu bug going around. My doctor told me that both our hospitals are full because of this epidemic! Something really disgusting that happened - a man came in for his appointment to my pain management doctor and had his "barf bag" with him! Bleah! No one there could believe it! I mean, who does that? He probably infected everyone there with his disease!! Needless to say, I was using Purrell like crazy and have been all week. I'm praying none of us get this horrible flu, but I'm not too hopeful, especially since everyone seems to have it at church and my oldest son is in the medical field. I have been feeling rather congested today and hoping that it's not the beginning of the end. :P I'm going to stay in this weekend and try and get past all this.

My Bible study starts back up on Tuesday and I definitely want to be healthy and well for that. :)  I'm very excited about it starting again. It was nice to have the break for the holidays, but now I'm so ready to be back with my group and getting into God's Word again.

Have a blessed weekend, dear friends. Stay well and warm!

God bless you - Julie 

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  1. I thought the very same thing! I couldn't believe we didn't get to see the vows or after party. I'm not sure I am going to like this season. There are some modern themes coming that don't honor God. I need to pray about this because my teenaged daughter wants to watch it. I didn't let her see the first season, as I thought the relationship between Mary and that guy from India was wrong. Thankfully, she wasn't into the show then.


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