Monday, January 14, 2013

Sammy Joe

Our cocker spaniel, Sammy Joe, was attacked tonight. We're not sure if it was a neighborhood dog or a coyote, but when I went out to let him in, I could hear him making these horrible barking/crying noises and I knew something was wrong. It was dark out, so I can't be sure what happend. He had been out a short 7-10 minutes - it was his last time out before bed - but it was long enough he was attacked. I'm so glad that I went out and heard it. I called my younger son out and he and I start yelling and must have scared the culprit away. However, Sammy came dragging in with several bite wounds and full of stickers and mud from getting rolled around.

Thank goodness for my EMT son who knew exactly what to do and did all the first aid. He had the supplies on hand to clean and bandage him. He could have even stitched him, if need be, but thankfully, it wasn't necessary. There were a couple of deep wounds, but they stopped bleeding and my son didn't think it was worth the pain it would cause Sammy. Whatever bit him, also bit comletely through his ear in 3 places.

I have to go to the big city - 2 hours away - tomorrow for a doctor's appointment and I'm really concerned about leaving him. My hubby said he would stay and watch him and I'm thinking that I may have him do that. If he gets sick or takes a turn for the worse, then hubby could take him to the Vet. Oh, this just makes me heartsick...I'm just so thankful that whatever it was didn't kill him. We do have a neighborhood pitbull that has killed two dogs around here. Of course, we also have coyotes, so I just can't be sure.

He's special to all of us...if you think of it, would you please say a prayer for Sammy Joe?

Blessings - Julie


  1. Oh, I am so sorry. I'm in tears writing this. I'm praying for Sammy Joe now. :'(

  2. Praying for complete healing and a quick recovery, praising God for saving him from worse...thank You sweet Jesus for caring for even our animals.


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